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what you and yours get

PPH Services: What you and your Clients get

what you and yours get

When you acquire a phone service pack from a leading provider such as Book per Head, you will receive much more than just access to an offshore call center, as you will also be granted the necessary tools to turn your small wagering business into a competitive sports betting operation.

What you, as the client gets:

Once you have decided to sign up for an account with Book Per Head and have opted for a phone service pack, you will be granted your personal 800 number, which can only be utilized by your clients, making it a more personalized service.

We also record every single call as a form of ensure against any possible wagering disputes, allowing us to offer a phone service that is grounded on reliability.

Moving Lines:

Although the bookie will always have the option of adjusting any particular wagering line at will, he won’t have to handle general line moving tasks as part of his routine as our company counts with experienced line movers whom will assume this responsibility for him.

Our lines staff will always make sure that your clients will be presented with attractive wagering options which have been carefully studied to make them fair for them for also for the agent. We utilize different line feeds.

What the bookie’s customers obtains:

When you handle your business yourself, you will most likely get bombarded by many calls at the same during peak hours and will find it difficult to satisfy the demands of clients whom are looking to place their on time. This is not a problem when you handle us your wagering operation as we count with two floors packed with skilled client attention staff working on a 24-7 schedule, which guarantees that we are able to handle large traffic of calls at any given moment.

It is also certain that bookie’s clients will never experience a busy signal when trying to reach our offshore call center. We also deliver a prompt service in order to ensure that all calls are answered immediately, allowing for a more versatile performance.

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