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Understanding SERP Factors for your Bookie Website SEO Efforts

In order to keep its SERP (search engine results page) results relevant, Google really needs to understand the main subject of your bookie website, so if you really want to help the spiders to find your site, there are a few factors that you need to take in consideration.

Once you get familiar with these concepts, you will be able to offer your pay per head services at great prices to broader online audiences in no time at all.

Organic versus Paid Results

Although you can pay to get an ad for your bookie website listed either at the top or the side of search results based on a specific keyword term, the truth is that people tend to rely more on organic results, which the Google bots find on his own.

You really cannot buy your way to the top of organic SERP results as this can only be achieved by applying the right search engine optimization techniques, so your aim as a webmaster is to try to make your site as SEO-friendly as possible.

In order to obtain a good PR Rank, there are more than 200 variables (a mathematical equation) that are taken into consideration in order to decide which listings are going to be displayed in the SERP’s, and although Google won’t tell, SEO experts agree on a couple of factors that can be determining:

Loading Time: If your bookie website is located on a slow server, it will make it more difficult for the Google spider to go through your content, so optimization professionals recommend that you work with a fast server in order to allow the bots to index your pages more frequently.

Bounce Rate: This variable measures how long a person remains on your bookie website. The longer someone stays the better for you. On the contrary, when people visit your site and immediately hit the back button to return to the SERP’s, this can be unfavorable for you.


The content is doubtless the backbone of your bookie website. It is actually all the data your site contains: not just the written stuff, but also multimedia (videos and pictures) and other interactive technologies. In sum, you site’s content is all that is visible to the user.

The relevance of your bookie website is directly related to how Google perceives your expertise based on the way in which you use keywords. In order to get a positive PageRank, it is also quite important that you have as much content as possible. For example, a bookie website with fifteen pages of content is likely to rank worse than one with one thousand pages.


Remember your high school days when your popularity was based on how many people knew you existed and continued to chat about you? Well the internet is not that different as the Google spiders are constantly checking for how many sites are linking to your bookie website combined with the number of outgoing links you have on your web portal.

Google certainly pays a lot of attention to how popular your site is, so if you want to rank well, we truly recommend you to spend a considerable amount of time trying to make your site as famous as possible.


If you enter a supermarket and you find all the products stacked randomly, it is going to be difficult for you to find what you really want to buy and chances are that you are going to opt for leaving such store in order to buy your stuff at a place where things are better organized.

The Google spiders do exactly the same thing: if the bots find out that your bookie website is poorly arranged, it will favor similar sites which have a better organization system instead of yours.