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Understanding Google-Friendly Links for your Bookie Website

Now that you are aware of how to find the sites that you want to get links from for your bookie website, you are certainly a step closer to offer your price per head services to a larger market, but before that happens you also need to learn how to properly create Google-friendly links.

When you are able to develop such kind of links, you will be able to get better PageRank results even when you have less links pointing to your site compared to your direct competitors.

The Anatomy of a Link

Covering the formatting aspect of a link is crucial because the links to your bookie website are no good if they are not displayed correctly on other sites. Let’s check out the anatomy of a link: for example,

A person can look at this URL, know that it is a link and click on it if it’s relevant to the person’s current search. This link design (underlined and presented in color blue) is used consistently across the web. Alternatively, a link can also be presented with alternate link text, for example Bookie Software.

Anchor Text

The text that goes along with a link is commonly known as anchor text and it is an essential tool of SEO. Embedded with the link text, you will find a uniform resource locator or URL. If you position your mouse over a link with anchor text, it will show you the actually URL. It is highly recommended that you use anchor text instead of plain links whenever possible.

Why is Anchor Text so Important

To get external links pointing to your site is not enough as Google takes into consideration the quality of the links and also the text related to the link. A link that simply says for example, doesn’t really tell online users anything about your bookie website or what is the benefit of clicking on it (only giant brands are exempt).

So, even if the link for your bookie website is somewhat descriptive, it is better if you use anchor text that includes relevant keywords in order to make the links pointing to your site more informative.

You Want to Rank for a Keyword, Not for a URL

If you fail to use anchor text, you will only be aiming to rank well for your own URL, for example. What you really want is to rank well for a keyword term, for example “bookie website” and this one of the major reasons why you should not forget to get third-party sites to link to you using the keyword phrase of your choice instead of simply placing your URL on their web portals.

When people do a Google search for your aimed keyword term, it will be easier for people to find your bookie website if Google finds many external links pointing to your site with such keyword phrase embedded.

Change your Keyword Phrase Periodically

If you want to prevent unwanted situations with Google, we recommend you to change your anchor text from time to time. It is also good to use two keyword terms simultaneously separated by a post, for example Bookie Website | Bookie Services, this way you are optimizing for two keywords and not just for a single one.

Tell Possible Link Partners What you Need

When you are ready to start sending emails to possible link partners, don’t forget to send them your very own link formatting so they’ll place exactly the combination of URL and keyword phrase that you requested.

By applying the right link formatting, you are providing Google with friendly links that will be vital for the success of your SEO efforts.