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Competing Against Sportsbooks

Competing Against Sportsbooks Have Never Been Easier

Competing Against Sportsbooks

People have always gambled, that is a fact, but with the appearance of the online sportsbooks, local bookmakers lost many of their best clients as the latest realized that they could place their bets in a more private way from their own computers, and it wasn’t until companies like Book per Head started to offer their services, that agents started to find it easier to keep their customers as they now counted with the necessary tools to match the advantages from online sportsbooks.

And best of all, these pay per head services are offered for bookies with small and large operations, allowing the smaller agent to compete with the large sportsbooks, and the same goes for agents with a considerable number of clients, as they are able to avoid significant financial expenditures such as pay rolls, office rent and bills (amongst others), all of which decreases their earnings.

Some bookies are not too sure about using offshore solutions because they are distrustful about how secure their private information will be, but many years of experience delivering our services to hundreds of satisfied agents confirms that we are one of the most reliable companies in the game.

While we at Book per Head offer unbeatable service packs that include phone and internet solutions for the clients of the bookie, we also grant the agent with outstanding tools so he can have an accurate control over his wagering operation. We are talking about our very own bookie software, which is an easy-to-use application that was specifically designed to become the second hand for the agent in terms of allowing him to count with real-time data that can be used to achieve his business objectives in an effortless way.

Although our mission is to provide agents with firsthand services, we also have very clear that amongst our main goals is that one of allowing bookies to take full control and maximize their business potential while cutting costs as much as possible, and we have created quality policies to ensure that such mission is accomplished every day and at all times.

So, if you are an agent that still hasn’t taken the decision of handling your business to a professional offshore pph shop, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-774-0999 and let one of our managers to sit down and talk to you about how you can enhance your wagering operation and compete with the big names in the industry without hurting your pocket.

Managing Clients

Book per Head and Managing Clients for Agents

Managing Clients

When it comes to customer relationship management related to a large betting operation, the best option is to utilize the services of a noteworthy price per head company such as Book per Head, as such solutions are sure to allow bookmakers to count with a competitive advantage that will ultimately help them to increase their business volume and promote client loyalty.

Bookies whose businesses are starting to grow tend to start hiring people and mount their own sportsbook onshore, which is probably not their best alternative, as the overhead cost of running such wagering operations in such a way is quite significant, since it includes things like the rental of space, payroll, and other related expenses.

That is why many agents turn their attention to offshore companies like ours, as they know that once they sign up for an account with us, they won’t have to worry about hiring their own personnel since we have a team of more than 150 clerks whom are supervised by our senior management staff, which is made up of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced gambling experts out there.

Now, to have the personnel is one thing, but to have the right people to do the job the right way is a completely different one, and here at Book per Head we are aware of that, which is why we have only hired the best individuals available as we know that we will be serving as the bookie’s card of presentation in front of his clients, and since our core mission is that one of helping agents to prosper, we always seek for ways to improve the treatment that is applied on each phone call as we want those clients to keep on calling and be satisfied with the service their agent is offering them, and for this, we have trained our clerks with special skills focused on empathy and professionalism.

It is also important to notice the fact that we operate in a year-round, 24-7 schedule, as you really never know when a bettor will come up with a substantial bet, and if you are not there to take it, that is money you are losing, and bookies can’t really be always there for their clients since they need to occupy their time in other matters, which is why they search for the assistance of a competent price per head shop.

If you are a bookie that is searching for a company that can help you with the customer service area of your business, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-774-0999, we will be glad to help you get started.

Andrew Thomas is a sports and gambling writer with years of experience in both fields. Andrew writes articles which are focused on the betting industry, hoping that they will be of help for those whom are looking to make a living out of the price per head industry.

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