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Our Client Attention Policies

Our Client Attention Policies

Our Client Attention Policies

Take advantage of the many opportunities related to associating a bookmaking business to a price per head company such as Book per Head, as the alliance between these two parties is the foundation for the success of sports betting entrepreneurs worldwide.

We established our offshore call center in Costa Rica more than a decade ago, and since then, we have created healthy relationships with each one of the bookmakers whom have trusted us their clientele, allowing us to help them to attain success along the way.

When we started, we never knew the company would become into what it is today, and we have to thank our client attention policies for that, as those were the ones that made our name known within the industry.

Such policies are based on high quality, respect and privacy, and we consider that these 3 core subjects are essentially important when it comes to gaining the trust of each bettor who calls to get his wagers placed or also to check on some particular detail related to his betting account, allowing the bookie to grow long-term relationships with all of them.

Client attention policies:

High Quality:

We are committed with each agent as to offer a service that will never suffer any interruptions and that is always going to be provided by a team that has been trained with the necessary professional bet-taking and customer service skills as to always meet the requirements of even the most demanding clients.


We understand how important each client is for a bookmaker, as each one of them represents a part of his business, and losing their wagering action can really upset the bookie’s monthly income. We know that a major part of keeping the action of a bettor is to always offer them a professional service, and that is why it is the responsibility of each member of our staff to treat each caller as a VIP.


We will never ask an agent for more information than the one we actually need to do business with him, and this data includes basic stuff such as a name he wants in his account and a contact email address. When it comes to the bookmaker’s clients, we will never ask for any deposits from them, as the balance in their accounts is the one that the bookie has authorized us to show, but the actual cash is collected by the bookmaker, and the only money we obtain is coming from the fee we charge the agent for providing him with our solutions.

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