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Beat the Competition

Beat the Competition Thanks To Efficient Human Talent

Beat the Competition

At Bookperhead.com, our core mission is to offer proactive solutions of the highest quality for bookmakers whom are in need of professional and efficient customer service personnel. Satisfaction is guaranteed, as every single clerk that works for our company has a breadth of experience when it comes to managing multiple accounts at the same time, which allows us to offer a more versatile service while exceeding the demands of our clients.

Even though we are an offshore company that operates from the Central American country of Costa Rica, It will be difficult for your customers to know where they are calling to, as we only hire clerks which are able to speak with an American English native accent, though we also count with personnel who speaks Chinese and Spanish, so if you have Asian or Latin clients within your wagering portfolio, we should also be able to handle their betting action without any inconveniences.

It doesn’t matter how many clients you currently have, or how many you are planning on bringing aboard in the future, as our call center counts with enough customer attention agents to handle large numbers of calls with ease.

When you utilize the solutions offered by our company, you are not only obtaining a competitive advantage when it comes to the high quality services you are using, but you are also beating the competition when it comes to ending up with higher profits as you are don’t have to worry about expensive overhead costs such as the payroll.

Becoming the best independent bookmaker out there is not a matter of how many clients you have, but about how you treat each one of them, and our company is an expert on raising the bar for a betting business by paying attention to even the smallest details in order to excel in our standards concerning our feasibility.

And since a major part of our service strategy planning is focused on bringing the best human talent to our team, you can be sure that your clients will really appreciate the fact that you have hired us as your second hand since they will always be treated in a courteous way while getting their needs attended in a prompt way.

Andrew Thomas is a sports and gambling writer with years of experience in both fields. Andrew writes articles which are focused on the betting industry, hoping that they will be of help for those whom are looking to make a living out of the price per head industry.

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