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How to Bet March Madness


March Madness is one of the most awaited tourneys of the year, not just for fans of NCAA basketball, but also for those whom are looking to make a profit by wagering on the games, and here at Book per Head we are offering bettors the following tips in order to help them make the right picks.

Rosters and Style: Checking the roster of a team against another is essential as it gives you the opportunity of knowing about how they both match up (also check on injured players and possible replacements on a given starting lineup as sometimes a single player can make all the difference).

Also remember to watch for previous performances in order to check on both of the teams’ playing styles. This is because even though there is a team with a better roster, the other can actually win the game thanks to the style in which they run the basketball court. When there is a match and one of the teams has a better roster and style, betting on such team is certainly advised.

Turnovers: Sure, there is always an underdog and a favorite in a game in terms of how talented they are, but a dog team can actually pull an upset if they have a history of less turnovers than their favored rivals, so when placing your wager on a given game from the 2012 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, make sure that you check on turnover differences for both of the teams in the court.

Schedules: Another important thing to look for before you put your cash on a give team is to verify its schedule, as although this doesn’t replace watching a team playing, the team’s previous results can give you an idea of how its players are able to respond in different match-ups.

Straight Wagers and Parlays:  It is recommended that you first make your bets on individual games, then, when you are finished, you can actually create a parlay using key picks from your previous straight wagering selections.  Make sure that you put approximately half of the amount you put on a straight bet on a parlay as the latest has a better monetary return than the former for a lesser investment.

As a final advice, we recommend you to watch every single game in full if possible, as this will give you the chance of checking on the progression of every team that manages to advance to the next round.