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Gain Recognition Thanks to Book per Head

Gain Recognition

When you are a bookmaker, you want the people that you are dealing with to be as professional as possible, including the pay per head Services Company that you are choosing to serve your client attention needs. In the case of Book per Head, we have established internal privacy policies which were created to make sure that every single member within our organization understands that his individual mission is part of an overall purpose, and with this in mind, we all work to help agents to establish a name for them.
Since we started our company more than 20 years ago, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and that was in part true, but as our name got to be known and our services got to be recognized and approved by those that matter, we started to grow real quick until we became the trustful and recommended organization we are nowadays.
A reputation is all in the business of bookmaking, as people only wants to deal with agents which have a good name in terms of paying on time and treating their clients in a respectful and cordial way, and in order to do so, bookies knows that using pay per head solutions will certainly make it easier for them to attend to the needs of their customers without having to put too much time into it while still taking care of their reputation.
Book per Head is a company that is aware of the different needs of a player, which allows us to offer a service that is liked by both the bookie and his clients, and this middle-man situation is also quite beneficial for the agent as he is not taking wagers himself, making it a more secure way to handle his betting operation.
Another excellent reason why you, as a bookie, should consider to work with Book per Head are our casino solutions, which will allow you to have an extra source of income while preventing your sports betting clients from getting their casino action somewhere else.
If you are a bookie that is truly interested in gaining a good reputation while still having enough free time for yourself and for looking for new clients, don’t hesitate to contact us now at 1-877-774-0999. One of our new client representatives is ready to get on the phone with you and explain you how our solutions can change the way in which you do businesses right now.

Key Factors for the Success

Key Factors for the Success of a Sports Betting Business

Key Factors for the Success

Key Factors for the Success of a Sports Betting Business

We at Book per Head have been granting outstanding services to bookies for more than a decade, and such vast experience in the industry has allowed to really understand which are the key factors that can lead a bookmaker to obtain success, which is why we have created a series of service strategies focused on helping agents to increase their business volume with the least of efforts on their side.

Here are those key factors and the way we deal with them:

Prompt and reliable service:

When it comes to the clients of bookmakers, the majority of them just want to get their wagers placed as fast as possible, and they are little tolerant when it comes to nonsense attitudes, and since we are very clear on this, we only hire individuals with the right disposition and we train them so they can always be as accurate as possible when handling a phone call. We also check the time they take on each phone call, which allows to measure their individual proficiency.

Trustful line movers:

Once a bookie has allowed us to run his betting operation for him, we will be in charge of delivering the wagering lines which will be visible for his clients, and agents can be confident about this service as we count with line movers whom have a great deal of experience. We also work with different line feeds in order to ensure that our lines are always fair and convenient for the agent.

Affordable solutions:

When you are running a small business, chances are that you are always trying to cut expenses as much as possible in order to improve your monthly earnings, and when it comes to a sports betting operation, a company like Book per Head is the indicated one to help you on your mission.
As mentioned above, bookies will always want to pay as less as possible for services  because they want to make a living out of their wagering business, which is why they tend to avoid expensive overhead costs such as payrolls.

Instead, they look for inexpensive PPH services, which might not end up being as good due to their almost ridiculous weekly prices. When it comes to the services provided by Book per Head, we can say that we not only offer some of the best weekly fees in the market, but we also guarantee the highest possible quality for such prices, and this has been a determining factor that has allowed us to earn a lot of clients by word of mouth on a regular basis.