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Reports Like You’ve Never Seen

Book per Head: Reports Like You’ve Never Seen

Reports Like You’ve Never Seen

The reports included in the package of services delivered by Book per Head are not your typical standard set of reports, but a more complete array of monitoring tools that was designed by our team of professional programmers in conjunction with our staff of experienced gambling experts.

Both teams sat together and reviewed the different stages of the creation process, with the wagering staff providing out the team of programmers the necessary information so they could get into their working stations and create a product that could satisfy the needs of the betting agent while allowing the ease of use.

The result was sophisticated software covering different areas of a wagering operation such as Sportsbook, Horse Racing and Casino. We split our software in two main categories: Basic Reports, and Advanced Reports, allowing the bookie to browse through his data with more flexibility.

With Basic Reports, the agent can make general adjustments; review Action by Player, check on his exposure, and his cash flow among others. He can also verify Player Standings, their Open Bets, their totals, and much more. And when it comes to Advanced Reports, these allow the bookmaker to work on more detailed management information.

These two groups of reports, when put together, allows the bookie to maximize his business potential by making it easier for him to do the necessary analyses that will lead him to take wiser decisions that will increase his profits as a result.

Reports are also offered to support our Casino Software, allowing for a more reliable experience while also preventing the bookie from having to analyze many plays as our reports will always provide with trustful summaries of all the activity taking place at the different games and for the different players.

To count with information that is viewed in real time can be essential for the agent, and all of our reports are programmed to be displayed this way. And besides this, we are able to create Custom Applications according to the needs of any bookie out there.

Since our reports are part of the package of solutions that we offer, this means that agents can obtain this outstanding set of tools for a truly affordable weekly price, making it a really suitable option. We also provide support for our software and all of our reports, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding the data you are obtaining, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.