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Starting a Sportsbook: Pay per Head, Some Cash and Basic Skills

Starting a Sportsbook: Pay per Head, Some Cash and Basic Skills

Starting a Sportsbook: Pay per Head, Some Cash and Basic Skills


Starting a Sportsbook nowadays is cheap and easy as there’s no need to pay for overhead costs. And, all begins by contacting the right Pay per Head Shop.


Starting a Sportsbook: Why Pay per Head

When Starting a Sportsbook, you may ask the question: why using Pay per Head services?

The reason is simple: you can save a lot cash, and get high-quality solutions at the same time.

This is because a reputable price per head company operates overseas, from a country such as Costa Rica.

This means that overhead costs are low for the PPH offshore services operation.

And this translates into great prices, and even better solutions for the bookmaking agent and his players.


The Services You Get

Starting a Sportsbook with the help of a PPH Shop means that you’ll get access to the following services:

  • Bookie Software for the Agent
  • Wagering and Gambling Services for Players


Bookie Software for the Agent

This is the data management tool that allows the agent to manage his players.

This includes everything related to their betting accounts, and to their wagering and gambling action.

Getting this Sportsbook Software comes as part of the standard package of solutions from the Pay per Head shop.

And, it includes a number of sophisticated reports that allows the agent to easily verify the status of his operation in real time.

This means that the information that is displayed for the agent is live data.

And needless to say, this is very advantageous because it allows the top bookmaker to take better decisions that can lead him to obtain even better profits.

This is the kind of data management tool that the bookie can take with him wherever he goes.

And the reason for that is because this is mobile-friendly technology that is fully available via the internet.

In other words: this is a tool that the agent can always use from the web, and without any downloads involved.


Wagering and Gambling Services for Players

When Starting a Sportsbook, it’s important to learn about the sports betting and gaming services available for players:

  • Online Betting
  • Call Center Services


Online Betting

Online betting is widely popular nowadays. So, counting with this service is essential in order to bring new clients.

For this reason, a bookie wants to make a deal with the best Pay per Head shop out there. And this can ensure his players that they’ll receive a first-class online service.

There are two different PPH web services:

  • The Standard Package
  • The Casino Package


The Standard Package

This is the package of Pay per Head services that grants players access to horse racing and sports betting.

This means that once this service becomes available for the players of a given agent; they’re able to get their sportsbook action only.

However, if the bookie wants to go a step beyond, he can also get…


The Casino Package

This is an extra service that allows the bookie to offer a full casino solution to his customers.

Doubtlessly, this is very advantageous for the top bookmaker because it allows him to obtain better profits; and in an effortless way.

Indeed, this service is really not expensive at all, considering all the cash that it can potentially generate.


Call Center Services

Players also get access to call center services.

This still remains a favorite service of bettors out there. So, it’s important to offer a solution that’s provided by skilled wagering clerks.

This is another reason why it’s important to make a deal with a Pay per Head company from Costa Rica.

In this particular country, there’s a large community of sports betting and gaming professionals.

And the reason for that is because Costa Rica has been home to many wagering and gambling companies. So, there’s really no shortage of talent there.


What You’ll Need Apart from Pay per Head

Apart from Pay per Head services, when Starting a Sportsbook the agent also needs:

  • Some Capital
  • Basic Skills


Some Capital

Some capital it’s definitely necessary when creating a wagering and gambling operation.

This is because the bookmaking agent must always pay winning bets and casino plays.

If he fails to do so, he will earn a negative reputation within the local betting community.

And that can seriously injure the chances of the agent of becoming a top bookmaker in his area.

So, the bookie must count with some money until he earns enough as to be able to cover winning bets out of his own profits.

If the agent counts with the startup funds he heeds, this is the best option.

This is because all the profits are going to his own pockets.

On the other hand, if the bookie doesn’t count with the necessary cash, he can get it from:

A Family Member or Friend: The agent can easily get the funds he needs from someone close to him.
An Investor: Another option is an investor. This is a person that can provide the bookie with the money he needs in exchange for a profit, or even a partnership.


Basic Skills

And, it’s also important to learn some basic skills related to the bookmaking profession. This includes different areas such as:

  • Accounting and Math: The bookmaker must learn at least the basics on these areas to better understand the figures related to his operation.
  • Wagering Types and Casino Games: This is also an important area to try to master. And that is because it makes it easier for the agent to appear more professional in front of prospective clients.
  • Business: This is another important area to learn about when Starting a Sportsbook. The agent can start by getting some books online. And if the interest remains, he can try to find other learning channels to learn from.
  • Sales: A bookmaking agent is also a salesman. So, it’s important to learn as much as possible about how to sell the wagering and gambling operation to others.


Doubtlessly, becoming a bookie without Pay per Head services is not an option these days. There’s a lot of competition, and having an edge over others it’s definitely necessary.

So, when Starting a Sportsbook, the secret to get the edge is to work with a reputable offshore PPH Shop, to count with some capital, and to learn some basic skills.