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Starting a Bookie Business: Pay per Head, Knowledge, Startup Funds

Starting a Bookie Business: Pay per Head, Knowledge, Startup Funds

Starting a Bookie Business: Pay per Head, Knowledge, Startup Funds


Starting a Bookie Business is easy when you count with the right Pay per Head services.

Such solutions includes sportsbook software for the agent, and wagering and gambling tools for his players.

Now, before contacting a PPH Shop to get these offshore services, a bookmaker should start by acquiring the right knowledge, and getting the startup funds.


Starting a Bookie Business: What are Pay per Head Services?

If you want information on Starting a Bookie Business, it’s important to get familiarized with PPH solutions.

These price per head services include all the data management tools a bookmaker may possibly need to run a successful sports betting and gaming operation.

And, they’re provided by an offshore PPH Shop. This is a company that counts with modern offices and the best personnel; and that’s located in a country such as Costa Rica.

With the help of these individuals, and the best tools, agents really can run their wagering and gambling operations seamlessly.

These are the services provided by the PPH Shop:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Wagering website (with the option of casino)
  • Call center betting


Sportsbook software

This is the tool that the agent can use to manage his bookmaking operation.

It includes more than 15 outstanding reports that allows agents to check different aspects of their businesses.

What’s great about this sportsbook software is that it offers information in real time.

This means that all the data that’s displayed in the screen is refreshed second to second.

This allows agents to be fully aware of the current state of their operations.

And doubtlessly, this live data is also a game-changer for bookies because they can take decisions that can end up saving them, or making them even more cash.

Another factor related to this bookmaking software that’s also great is that it’s fully mobile.

This means that agents can access the tool directly from their favorite mobile devices; including smartphones, laptops and tablets.


Wagering website (with the option of casino)

When Starting a Bookie Business, it’s also important to learn about the tools intended for players.

These allow the customers of bookmakers to place bets. And, the main one is the wagering website offered by the PPH Shop.

Now, there are two varieties of this site:

  • Standard: This version is a site that’s shared by many bookies and their players. It works great, and it’s the most affordable one.
  • Custom: For a one-time extra fee, an agent can get his own personalized site, including domain name and design. And, this site is only used by the players of a single agent.


The casino option

Now, agents can also get their own fully working online casino!

This is a price per head service that can easily help bookies make twice as much, without any extra efforts.

This is a gambling solution that includes the most popular casino software games, such as slots and Pay per Head Poker.

And what’s great about it is that by counting with this gaming solution; agents can market their services not only to sports bettors, but also to gamblers in general.

And doubtlessly, this really increases the possibilities of bookies for making great profits!


Call center betting

Learning about Starting a Bookie Business also involves knowing about call center betting services.

Now, in order to get the best phone wagering solution for players, it’s important to work with the right PPH Shop.

This means working with a price per head company located offshore.

And the reason for that is because agents can end up saving considerably; while allowing their players access to modern call center attention.

It’s important to notice that an overseas PPH Shop counts with skilled wagering clerks that are also multilingual.

So, bookies can even expand their operations to other countries, and still get high-quality call center services for their players.


Starting a Bookie Business: Getting the Right Knowledge

Starting a Bookie Business also means acquiring knowledge in a few key areas:

  • Sports
  • Marketing and sales
  • Accounting



Agents should take their time to learn as much as possible on sports.

This includes getting familiar with all the teams from the top American leagues. And also with all active players!

This information is very important because agents can figure out the current status of teams.

And that can always give them a good edge over their customers.


Marketing and sales

Another area agents should focus on when Starting a Bookie Business is marketing and sales.

This is because bookmakers should always be selling their services to all the people around them!

In other words: every single person out there is a potential client!

So, in order to attract as many individuals as possible, agents can learn sales techniques that can make the player recruiting process easier.



Another area bookies can try to master is accounting.

This is because running a sports betting and gaming operation it’s all about the numbers.

So, having a good understanding of how the figures related to the business work can be very beneficial.

With that said, agents can also hire their own accountants; and then they can use their own accounting knowledge to understanding everything.


Starting a Bookie Business: Getting the Startup Funds

Last but not least, when learning about Starting a Bookie Business it’s also important to figure out how to get the necessary startup funds.

Now, if the agent has the cash he needs in his bank account, then using that money is the best option.

The reason is because the bookmaker doesn’t owe nothing to anybody. And that means that the profits from the wagering and gambling operation are all his.

On the other hand, if the agent doesn’t count with the funds, he has two good options:

  • He can ask friends or family members
  • He can get it from an investor

And, if the agent gets the startup funds from one of the above sources, it’s important to be clear about the conditions attached to the cash obtained.


If you consider all the information above, chances are that Starting a Bookie Business will definitely be easier for you.