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Sportsbook for Bookies: Top 10 Pay per Head Advantages for Agents

Sportsbook for Bookies: Top 10 Pay per Head Advantages for Bookies

Sportsbook for Bookies: Top 10 Pay per Head Advantages for Bookies


Sportsbook for Bookies can be easily obtained from a reputable Pay per Head shop located overseas.


Sportsbook for Bookies: Why Pay per Head

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should get Sportsbook for Bookies from a PPH offshore services provider:

  • Website and call center
  • In-game betting
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Custom reports
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Trial Period
  • Same day setup
  • Run by pros
  • Extra casino service
  • Full security for players


Website and call center

Getting Sportsbook for Bookies from a top price per head company allows your players to get their action online; or over the phone.

You can choose between a standard website and a customized one.

Different bookmaking agents and their players use the same website. This is an excellent option, and the most affordable one.

But, a customized site is also available for the agent. This is a website that includes its own domain name; and personalized web design.

And players also get access to an offshore call center. This is an office that’s filled with skilled wagering clerks that are available 24-7 to process the action of your clients.

And what’s great about this Pay per Head service is that you also get your own toll free number.

This means that your players can bet over the phone without having to pay for the call.

So, by getting a customized site and your own 1-800 number; you really have everything you need to compete with the large online sportsbooks.


In-game betting

When you get Sportsbook for Bookies from a reputable PPH offshore services company, your players also get access to in-game betting.

This means that they’re able to place wagers before, and during live sporting events.

This is great because players have more options to bet on; which means that the entertainment factor comes to the forefront.

And, in terms of profits, this is doubtlessly good for your sports betting and gaming operation.


User-friendly dashboard

When you get Sportsbook for Bookies, the dashboard you get to work with is very user-friendly.

This means that if you’re working with a reputable PPH company; you won’t have any problems integrating the sportsbook software to your operation.

In fact, if you use smartphone applications, getting adjusted to high-quality bookie software is just like it.


Custom reports

Getting Pay per Head Sportsbook for Bookies also allows you to work with custom reports.

If you’re working with a large PPH Shop, you’ll likely get access to more than 15 of these reports.

What great is that you can customize all the data presented to you; with the goal of checking only what’s necessary.

This saves you a lot of time, and allows you to work more dynamically.



The best Sportsbook for Bookies is also mobile-friendly. This means that you can use it pretty much everywhere.

The great thing about this is that once you hire the services of a good Pay per Head company, you can be at any place in the world; and successfully run your sports betting and gaming operation at the same time.

This is actually possible because large PPH Shops offer online-based products.

This means that the bookmaking software, the online site, and the call center (a part), are all web-based.

Yes, even the call center is part web-based because players get to dial a toll free number, which can be accessed through an online application such as skype.


Trial period

Now, when you get Sportsbook for Bookies, make sure to get a trial period.

You want to work with a PPH Shop that offers a trial period because this is a sign that you’re dealing with a reliable company.

The reason is because only good Pay per Head operations feel great about their services.

And so they allow prospective clients to try their solutions charge-free as they are sure that the majority are going to become clients.


Same day setup

A great advantage of getting Sportsbook for Bookies from a large PPH Shop is that the business integration process takes place during a single day.

In fact, signing up takes only a few minutes.

And, once you get familiarized with the wagering software; you can start providing aliases and passwords to your customers so they can start getting their action right away.

This means that the whole sign up / integration process takes no more than a few hours!


Run by pros

You want pros running the PPH Shop that provides you with Sportsbook for Bookies.

And by working with a Pay per Head shop that’s located in Costa Rica is the only way you can ensure this.

This is because this is a nation that’s home to a large number of sports betting and gaming professionals.

So, operating from this country allows the PPH Shop to hire the right personnel to provide the best of services.


Extra casino service

An extra gaming service is also the perfect complement for the best Sportsbook for Bookies.

As mentioned, the solution is an “extra”. This means that it’s not part of the standard package of Pay per Head services.

With that said, you definitely want to make this service part of your sports betting and gaming operation.

The reason is because you can easily turn your players into clients of your online casino. So, you can basically double your profits in an effortless way!

And, as an added bonus, you can use this service as a marketing tool to attract more clients to your operation.

In fact, it may be the case that you can end up having more casino players than bettors!


Full security for players

Last but not least, you want Sportsbook for Bookies that’s fully secure.

This means that players only need aliases and passwords to process sports betting and gaming action.

In other words: personal name or credit card information should never be provided.

This actually gives you a great advantage over the large online sportsbooks.

And the reason is because players enjoy their privacy.

And this is something that’s never in jeopardy when getting Sportsbook for Bookies from the right Pay per Head shop.