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Sports Betting Bookie: Finding a Mentor for your Business


Mentors can have an outstanding positive impact on new sports betting bookie companies.

They count with influential connections that can open a lot of doors for your bookmaking business.

And their experiences are very valuable as they can serve as examples of the things that you should, or should not do.

With that said, finding the right mentor for your sports betting bookie business is not as simple as picking a random name from a box.

In order to choose the right individual to be your mentor, you must be able to tell what makes a great one; how to approach this person, and then you must also be able to find ways to maximize the relationship.


Sports Betting Bookie: Steps to Find the Right Mentor


Here are the three main steps that you can take in order to find an experienced mentor that can help you take your sportsbook business to the next level.

Recognizing What Makes a Great Mentor

The most qualified mentors are the ones who aren’t afraid of asking tough questions with the goal of challenging you to exceed your own expectations.

In the process, they will share their own experiences, and will also help you to spot new opportunities that you wouldn’t have noticed on your own.

The best mentors are also those who are aware of their position as advisors, and they understand that it is you the one running your sports betting bookie company, and not them.

The “mentors” that make the mistake of telling betting and gaming entrepreneurs exactly what they need to do, and who get upset when their instructions aren’t followed, are the ones that end up causing more damage than the good they bring to the mix.

Find a Good Fit

Although there are many good mentors out there, there are a selected few who are more appropriate to help you than others.

Your best bet is to examine your local network in order to find individuals that can be considered exceptionally qualified mentors.

In order to establish a connection with the right person, you can start with a short email where you detail what your sports betting bookie company is all about, and the reason (s) why you would like to bring in such individual as a mentor for your business.

On that first email, avoid requesting a person-to-person meeting because it may be the case that the mentor that you have spotted is not very extroverted, and asking for a meeting right away can push such individual to say no to your mentorship request.

Instead, try to build up to that first meeting by sending emails back and forth. In those emails you should add information that can be considered thought-provoking, and that demonstrates that you are making progress on your own.

Maximize the Mentor Relationship

Once a proper connection (of mutual interest) has been established, it is important to start building up on that relationship.

Make sure that you are always in contact with your mentor, either by phone or by email. Let the person know how your sports betting bookie business is currently doing, and don’t forget to request their input at the same time.