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Software Pay Per Head Services: How To Become A Bookie EASY!

Software Pay Per Head Services: How To Become A Bookie EASY!

Software Pay Per Head Services: How To Become A Bookie EASY!

Did you know that learning How To Become A Bookie is easy, and all you need are Software Pay per Head services?

Indeed, recent research shows that top agents work with PPH solutions to power up their businesses…

Just imagine yourself running things like a professional, hassle-free…

You’ll get access to unbeatable value in the form of amazing tools for agents.

These are mobile tools so that you can manage your bookmaking operation from anywhere in the world…

Furthermore, you’ll never need to process a manual wager again.

And that’s because players get access to awesome online and phone services…

Does that sound fair enough?

But wait, there’s more:

This is definitely a smart choice because you’re just paying based on actual usage!

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have 100 clients…

If only 75 of them registered some wagering or gambling activity during a given week, then you only pay for the 75 active players.

This means that you’re not paying a single cent for the 25 customers that remained inactive during that particular week.

In other words: You only pay the PPH Shop when you get paid yourself!

In short, these are offshore services that will help you increase your productivity, effortlessly…

You’ll be able to still do everything your way, only better!


How To Become A Bookie In 5 EASY Steps:

Now, learning How To Become A Bookie it’s all about working with Software Pay per Head services…

And here are the easy steps you can follow to get these high-quality solutions:

  1. Search for the best sportsbook software provider
  2. Sign up and get a trial period
  3. Create usernames and passwords for players
  4. Start checking your bookie software for the latest wagering and gambling action!

Believe it or not, that’s it!

After step 4, all you need to do is to continue to grow your list of clients on a regular basis.

And that way you can beat the competition, and ensure long-term success and domination for your operation…


Software Pay per Head: The List

Now, here’s a list of the Software Pay per Head services you and your players will get access to:


Sportsbook Software

First on this list is your bookie software

  • Manage everything like an expert: Get full control over your players and sub-agents.
    Real-time monitoring of wagering and gambling activity.
  • Become more productive: You can plan your course of action in a better way.
    Get full access to more than 20 empowering custom reports.
  • Full control: You can modify your own wagering lines. And you can edit the accounts of your players at will.


Online Services

Next is time to talk about the jaw-dropping online solutions your players get access to…

Here are the main features and benefits related to this extraordinary service:

  • Colossal security: Your players just need an alias and a password. Their real identities are never revealed to the PPH Shop.
  • Sharpest lines: Your clients get access to lines that are moved based on exclusive data.
    The most complete wagering menu: Your players get access to a wide range of wonderful options.
  • In-game betting: Your players can place bets during LIVE GAMES. And this includes up-to-the-second line updates.


Custom-built website

These astounding Software Pay per Head solutions are definitely a luxury that’s within reach…

Clear proof of this is the personalized website you can get for your sports betting operation.

This is a cool, exciting and affordable resource that’s also a status symbol…

And this is because this is a site that’s going to be available only for your own customers.

And you get to pick the fabulous design, and the domain name of the site.

Indeed, this tool is an unmistakable tribute to your taste and will help you attract new players in an easier way.

And all you need to do to get it is to pay a ONE-TIME extra fee…


Online Casino

When you sign up with a PPH company, your players only get access to the sports betting area.

So, you should seriously consider paying the extra weekly fee for the online casino.

This way, you have an extra source of easy income.

And what’s best, you get to sign up not only bettors but also gamblers for your business.

And that means more power and local authority.

Indeed, with this gambling tool, you will immediately rise in the agent hierarchy.

Allowing you to become one of the top agents in your area…


Call Center Services

Now let’s talk about call center access…

Here are the benefits and features related to this unbeatable solution for players:

  • Personalized 1-800 number: This is one of the main reasons why Software Pay per Head services is worth your investment… And the reason is because this is a number that’s going to be available only for your own clients…
  • Classy staff: A prestigious PPH call center hires only the best of the best. This includes experienced floor managers, top clerks, confident customer service reps, and brilliant web specialists…
  • Services are provided in different languages such as English, Chinese, and Spanish. This means that you increase your profits even more by expanding your clientele base.


Software Pay per Head Services: What If You Don’t Get Them

Now, if you don’t get these Software Pay per Head services, these can be the unwanted consequences:

  • Losing your local authority. Your current players will not be interested in doing business with you anymore.
  • You’ll also lose your power to recruit new clients because you won’t have enough reasons to persuade them.
  • You’ll be forced to write down your own bets. And that means that you won’t have enough time for you, or for recruiting new players.
  • You’ll need to grade your own wagers. And this means that you can make mistakes. And it’s also another time-consuming task that you can easily avoid.


Now that you’ve seen how powerful and necessary these Software Pay per Head services are, it’s time for you to pick up the phone, and contact the right PPH Shop, get your free trial week, and start your effortless road to success…