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Software for Wagers: Top Features That Can Make the Difference

Software for Wagers: Top Features That Can Make the Difference

Software for Wagers: Top Features That Can Make the Difference


The best Software for Wagers is the one that allows the agent the most freedom and flexibility.


Software for Wagers: The Best Features To Look For

When looking for Software for Wagers that is of a high quality, here are the features to check for:


  • Friendly to the user
  • Free trial period
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Extensive, custom reporting
  • Agent management
  • No download
  • Sportsbook and Casino


Friendly to the user

The best Software for Wagers is the one that is easy to use.

You want to sign up with a pay per head services provider that’s able to offer you a user-friendly data management tool.

The reason is because this is a product that you’re going to be using on a regular basis.

And you really need sportsbook software that you can start manipulating without much or not training at all.

It’s important to remember that you’re getting this tool because you want to make things easier for you.

So, to get a product that is friendly to the user should certainly be at the top of your list of priorities.


Free trial period

If you’re dealing with a reputable PPH Shop, chances are that you will get access to a free trial period.

This is great because it allows you to take such time to test the different solutions from the price per head company.

You want to test everything. And you shouldn’t be given any kind of excuses from the PPH Shop when doing so.

Now, it’s important to consider that only a good Pay per Head company is going to give you a free trial.

This is because a reputable price per head business trusts its offshore services. And it’s not afraid of allowing bookmaking agents to check them out without a cost.

On the other hand, there are PPH Shops of a lower quality that are not willing to let others to test their solutions.

The reason for this is clear: Their services aren’t good, so they don’t want people to check them out before getting paid for it.

It’s clear that the people managing such PPH Shops are all about the cash, and not the customers.

This however is the wrong way to manage a price per head solutions operation.

And the reason is because bad services leads to negative word of mouth. Which means that a PPH Shop with poor solutions is destined to crash and burn.


Optimized for mobile

Another key feature related to the best Software for Wagers are mobile capabilities.

You want to count with a data management tool that you can use from any place.

This is because the nature of your work as a sports betting and gaming entrepreneur forces you to be constantly on the move.

So, you really want a bookie software solution that is fully mobile.

And, you also want this tool to be compatible with both Android and iOS (apple’s operative system).

And that is because is not just you who’s going to be using the services from the PPH Shop; but also your players.

That means that there’s going to be many people with different mobile devices using the same products.

And, all the tools from the Pay per Head company should work the same for everybody.


Extensive, custom reporting

The best type of Software for Wagers is also the one that includes a lot of different customizable reports.

This means that you want to count with a good variety of bookie reports in order to be able to check the data of your business from a variety of perspectives.

You also want to get access to reports that you’re able to customize.

This is because your wagering and gambling operation processes a lot of information on a regular basis.

So, when checking a given report, you should have the ability to check only the data you want to see.

The free trial period from the Pay per Head shop also allows you to check the different reports.

So, take this time to check each report in order to see if such sportsbook software is exactly what you need for your sports betting and gaming operation.


Agent management

As a top bookmaker, you also want Software for Wagers that allows you to manage your sub-agents.

A sub-agent is someone that helps you to recruit players, and also helps with payments and collections.

These are usually individuals that act as representatives of the bookmaking agent on different areas.

This means that the bookie needs a tool that allows him to manage his sub-agents in the best possible way.


No download

You also want Software for Wagers that doesn’t require downloads.

What you need is a data management tool that you can use directly from the internet.

This is because you want to have as much flexibility as possible. So, you really want to count with a product that is web-based.

A no-download Pay per Head service is not only good for you as a top bookmaker; but it’s also very convenient for your players.

You want your clients to be able to place wagers in an easy way. And, new clients won’t like the idea of downloading applications.

So, by offering a tool can be accessed from the web, you make it easier for you to recruit new prospects.


Sportsbook and casino

Last but not least, you also want Software for Wagers that is good to manage sportsbook and casino action.

It’s clear that most bettors also enjoy casino games such as PPH Poker.

So, as a top bookmaker, you really don’t want to miss on the opportunity of growing your profits in an effortless way.

And that is exactly what you can do by working with a PPH Shop that offers both wagering and gambling services.

This is great because your sports betting players can opt for playing casino games and vice versa.

And this factor definitely makes your bookie business more attractive to prospective customers.

Now, it’s important to mention that an online casino solution is offered as an extra.

But, considering the advantages, it’s doubtlessly one of the top features related to the best Software for Wagers.