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Promoting your Bookie Business Using Social Media

So, you already got your bookie software and have started a website because you want to offer your pay per head services to the online gambling community.

Now you must know that one of the best ways to get the attention of potential clients is by promoting your business using social media.


If there is a place on the web that you need to concentrate on is definitely Facebook, the largest networking site. Most people who are familiarized with the internet have an account at this site, and that includes players.

For that reason, we seriously recommend you to open an account and start filling your profile with information that will be attractive to the eyes of prospective customers (just try not to look like a marketing guy) and to also start sharing the posts from your bookie site in your wall.

Although Facebook is part business and part personal, it is better if you avoid the “sales” part of the deal and start focusing on the social aspect of it. This is because people is probably not going to be interested in adding you as a friend if your profile looks like too “salesy.”

Until you have acquired a good number of friends, it is in your best interest if you just keep on posting information that others will enjoy sharing in their walls with their own friends. By doing this, you appear as just another great contact that truly enjoys socializing.

Since your aim is to get people to place bets, you should focus on trying to get friends that have interests related to gambling as later in the future you can let them know that you are a bookie, which might lead you to close some deals. Of course, it is advisable that you do this in a “casual” way.


Twitter is the second most important site that you need to have a presence on. People love to tweet and if someone has an account on Facebook, they most likely also have one on Twitter, which means that the potential to make business on this social media site is also considerable.

Just like with Facebook, it is essential that you tweet your followers every time you create a brand new post on your bookie site. Also, don’t forget to re-tweet interesting stuff that you see around as the more activity, the better for the authority of your site’s link (the one that you added in your twitter profile for your personal website).


It is safe to say that YouTube is possible the largest social video website on the internet, so needless to say, you also need to have an account here. If you really know your gambling, then we recommend you to start creating your own videos offering advice and tips for people that are planning on betting on upcoming sporting events.

By doing this, you will increase your chances of getting some clients since you are getting the kind of visitors that you are aiming for. Also, don’t forget to add the link to your own bookie site at the beginning of the description of every new video that you post in order to make it visible to others.


Last but not least, you also need to have a presence on LinkedIn, which is a site that will allow you to connect with individuals that can truly make the difference for your business. When you are looking to add new contacts to your LinkedIn account, remember to search for people that are somehow related to gambling in order to appear more credible to possible customers.