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Price per Head Sportsbook: Creating PPC Landing Pages


When you are creating pay per click ads, always keep in mind the landing page of your Price per Head Sportsbook website where people end up when they access the ad.

Price per Head Sportsbook: Expectations

The ad that you are making will indeed set a particular expectation in the mind of the person that is clicking on it, so make sure that the landing page is able to live up to it by providing users with what’s advertised.

If a particular ad is about a certain promotion that you are running on an ongoing basis for example, the text for the general content and also the title should be focused on that.

Keywords and General Theme

Also, don’t forget to add your main keyword term (s) on the page!

Creating a landing page for your Price per Head Sportsbook website takes time, and once it’s done, you don’t want to be messing with it because that can ruin much of the work you are putting into it.

For this reason, the keywords that we recommend you to use on PPC landing pages are the ones that have proven to be effective to create conversions and which are part of your core SEO (search engine optimization) work.

Each and every page of your Price per Head Sportsbook site that is related to pay per click should be fully customized for a particular keyword, but it should also be related to the general theme of your website.

This means that even though the page has been created to meet the expectations of people that is clicking on a given PPC ad, such page should also be familiar with the rest of the content on your Price per Head Sportsbook website.

Engagement Objects

Indeed, making use of engagement objects such as video, pics and even audio can help you make the PPC landing pages of your Price per Head Sportsbook website even more attractive to visitors.

In order to turn such landing pages into some real attention grabbers, you can create your own videos, where you personally speak to prospective customers about the advantages of joining your sports betting operation.

If you are not very fond of being in front of the camera, you can get someone else to do such type of videos for you, preferably someone that is also directly associated with your Price per Head Sportsbook startup company.

In order to get even more creative, you can even opt for paying a professional to do a nice voiced animation where you can explain players why they should turn into clients of Pay per Head Services business.

Call to Action

While in the process of creating a landing page for a given pay per click campaign, remember that the top goal of such page is to get visitors to take any particular action you want them to take.

This could be a variety of things, all aimed to finally lead prospective clients into real conversions. Such things can include signing up for your weekly newsletter, filling up a form to get some extra info or a quote on your Price per Head Sportsbook services or other similar call-to-action elements.

We also recommend you to state your preferred call to action several times within the content of the PPC landing page.

For example, if you want people to get in touch with you by phone, make sure that you add the phone number in big-sized fonts and in bold at least once and in a lower-sized fonts a few more times throughout the text (and also on any engagement objects such as video or pictures).