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Price per Head Services Site Tips: Content General Practices

When creating a price per head services site in order to expand your betting operation, there are some factors that you must take into consideration regarding content.

Price per Head Services Site Tips: Building Enough Content

How much content is enough? The real answer to this question is that it is in your best interest to have as much optimized content as possible in relationship with your competitors.

You must have landing pages of 450 words or more and at least 5 sub-pages of 300 or more words for each of your pay per head solutions website. All created based on an overall theme.

Although 450 is the key number of words for a page, you will need to study the top pages that are ranking well for your desired keyword (s).

If there are some pages at the top of the SERPs for a given top keyword phrase which have 1000 words or more, then you will need to start creating pages that are even longer in order to get the approval of the web crawlers in the future.

Remember that the amount of content that you have on your price per head services site is quite relevant when it comes to the new Google algorithms.

Developing Ideas for Content

When you start writing content for your price per head services website, you might feel overwhelmed at first since you need to come up with texts that are made of 450 words or more.

However, things are not so difficult after all since there are ways to get the ideas that you need for your content. Here are the top ones:


The best source to get ideas for the new content of your price per head services site is certainly yourself. You are actually the person that knows best about what your clients need and about what you can actually offer them in order to fulfill their requirements.

You have a lot of information concerning your sportsbook business, but you’ve never taken the time or had a reason to write all that knowledge down.

This is doubtless a great way to get started as it will help you to realize if you can write all the content for your price per head services website yourself or if you actually need the assistance of someone else.

Even though you get to hire someone to write for your price per head services site, your brainstorming sessions can help you to get the topics and keywords for future articles or pages.

A good aspect of brainstorming is that there are really not rules written about it. The more ideas you get the better.

This means that even though a given idea might not look so good right now, it might help in the future, so write everything you can think about and put it on a text file on your computer or on a paper someone safe in your office.


The idea of checking on the work that your competitors are doing is not aimed to copy them but to get ideas from their search engine optimization strategy.

When researching the competition, check out for:

  • The things that they are doing right.
  • The areas in which they are lacking some work compared to those in which your price per head services site is strong.
  • The pages on their site that are competing with your own for the same keyword phrase.

Essentially, you are looking for anything they are currently doing on their site that is giving them an advantage over you.

Once you have assimilated all those new ideas, you can start creating content that has the same characteristics but that is fully original and completely acceptable for the search engine spiders.