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Price per Head Bookie: Becoming a Good Listener


To be a good listener is definitely a skill that you want to possess as a price per head bookie.

When a sportsbook agent fails to really listen, this can lead to his prospective clients and business partners to feel ignored, or unimportant.

Listening can be defined as absorbing all the data that is being transmitted by the other party with the goal of expressing an appropriate opinion, or to get the person that is talking to become even more open and expressive.


Price per Head Bookie: 2 Tips to Better Listening


You can start being a good listener right now! Here are two great tips that you can use to improve your active listening skills:

Restating: Once the other person has transmitted a message to you, repeat a short statement about what you’ve just been told.

For example, there is a person that wants to become an associate of your price per head bookie business, and tells you that he can bring you a certain number of clients for a fixed commission.

You then can say something like “okay, so you are going to bring me XXXX number of players, and you want XXXX commission for your services.”

By doing this, you are confirming to the other person that you are really paying attention to what is being said.

Although you may not be using this technique on every single conversation, to apply it as much as you can is very good because it raises your own awareness level about listening.

Paraphrasing: You will be using this technique far more often than the first one. This is because when you paraphrase, you are basically expressing the meaning of what the other person is telling you, but with your own words.

When you restate, you are repeating what the other person says word-by-word, but when you paraphrase, you have more freedom to express the same idea using your own thoughts and words.

Indeed, when you can accurately restate, or paraphrase what another person says, you are showing that you possess excellent listening skills and this is definitely something positive for your sports betting operation.

Barriers to Being a Good Listener

According to the experts, there are a number of barriers that prevent you from being a good listener:

Defense Mechanism: If you are unable to listen carefully during a negotiation related to your price per head bookie business, it may be because you are not fond of hearing bad news. In other words, you just hear what you want to hear.

Weak Self-Confidence: The reason why people sometimes talk a lot, instead of listening, is because they feel nervous.

The kinds of individuals that talk a lot because of nervousness don’t even hear themselves. You can ask them something about what they just said, and they won’t have a clue.

The Energy Drag: People have an energy cycle, or biorhythm, which indicates the time of the day when the energy levels of a given person are at its peak, and the time of the day when they go down.

When the biorhythm of a person is down, it is likely that she is not going to be paying full attention to what is being said to her.

For this reason, if you have to schedule meetings or negotiations related to your price per head bookie operation, make sure to do so for the time of the day when your biorhythm is higher.

Habit: Some people talk and think ahead instead of listening carefully, out of habit. If this is the case with you, then you can treat this bad habit just like smoking: simply quit.

If you want to break the habit of not listening, you must:

  • Look at the person that is talking to you in the eye.
  • Avoid multitasking.
  • Be aware of how often your mind wanders.
  • Force yourself to bring your mind back to a conversation.

Indeed, if you really want to obtain the best results as a price per head bookie, to become a good listener must definitely be included in your list of professional goals.