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Price per Head Bookie Website: Attracting Clients, Positive Feedback


So you’ve taken the decision of going into business by yourself as a Price per Head Bookie. Congrats! Now is the time when the fun starts.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Creating your own Website

Your mission now is to start getting clients, and creating a website is an excellent way of helping you get leads for prospective clients.

Soon enough you will realize that your site is acting as the first point of contact players have with your sports betting operation.

In fact, even though you meet some clients in person, it is likely that they will want to take a look at your web portal for detailed information before they actually decide to start wagering with you.

This is the reason why your Pay per Head Services website must be designed to capture the attention of bettors.

It’s Not About Yourself

When you start a Price per Head Bookie business you might think that your goal is to sell yourself, but that is a misconception. Your mission should actually be to sell something with real value to prospective customers.

A bettor is not going to start playing with you just because you are a friendly person, or because you appear to have some experience in the industry.

They will in fact hire your Bookie Services because of the benefits they will receive. For that reason, you need to make sure your website all about your clients.

This means that you need to clearly let them know what’s in it for them if they decide to become part of your bookmaking portfolio.

Positive Feedback

Although you know that you are awesome and one of the best agents out there, it is really not in your best interest to post that kind of self-boasting arguments on your Price per Head Bookie website.

Instead, let your customers to do the boasting for you. Self promotion is a marketing technique that needs to be handled with caution.

It is certainly better to post success stories on your site that are told from the point of view of your current players instead of that of yours because handling things that way puts you in a better light concerning prospective customers.

Here are some ideas to help you get positive feedback from clients:

Define your Goals Beforehand

This means that you must have a clear idea of what players need and want before you even have a conversation with a customer.

When you are able to anticipate what bettors need before they ask you for it, then you are in an advantageous position and this can make it easier for you to receive positive comments early in the client-provider relationship.

Exceed Expectations

Don’t just go for the average Price per Head Bookie service. Instead, try to exceed the expectations of your customers on a regular basis.

This actually doesn’t mean that you have to provide features that weren’t agreed to, but it does entail to provide solutions that are above what is considered standard.

It also helps to focus on the goals of your clients and not on the cash that you will be paid.

Follow up on New Clients

When you are successful about signing up a new player for your Price per Head Bookie business, make sure that you check on how things are going on a constant basis.

Clients indeed appreciate this because they feel that they are actually valuable to you.

Designing your Website for Conversions

If you know the kind of customers that you want to attract to your Price per Head Bookie website, then chances are that you are able to speak their language quite well.

Use that knowledge and translate it to your site as this will help you to get more qualified leads.

Remember that your true aim by building a site is to get conversions, so keep that in mind during the construction process in order to end up with a website that it will be effective when it comes to sign up new clients for your business.