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How to Hit Posts That Will Get Your Bookie Website Noticed


If you are a sports bookie and are already using pay per head services, you probably are offering your players the option of betting online.

Although this is an excellent tool that helps you to increase your Sports Betting profits, the website where players login to place their wagers can only be accessed by your current customers for security reasons.

This leaves you with the option of creating your own internet site to promote your services as a bookie using free services such as WordPress or Blogger.

Since reaching the desirable web traffic for your site is going to be a long-term process, the key to get the attention of your sought-after clientele is to really create posts that will get your bookie website noticed.


Create Content Based On Your Bookie Prospect’s Likes


Once you have your free bookie website up and running, create a few pages of content that you consider as valuable for your prospects. When creating a post, always based it on what others want to read and not exactly on what you enjoy reading.

Many bloggers make the mistake of making posts based on their personal likes and because of this reason they fail to attract prospective clients.

A good percentage of bookmaking players enjoy watching information related to gambling (results of poker tournaments on TV, for example), so write a few posts on that type of content to begin with. Do some thinking and see if you can identify those interests you believe players have in common and write your posts based on your brainstorming results.

Get Assistance

At first it might seem that things can get out of hand because writing blog posts might not come as easy for you as you thought. If this is the case, get the assistance of someone that can write your blog’s content for you and pay him a commission based on the players he or she manages to attract with his or her work.

If on the other hand you happen to be a good writer yourself, then you can really spend some of the time that you will save by using pay per head services writing some good content for your website.

Don’t Forget About Guest Posting

After you have spent some time uploading posts, then it’s time for you to try to do some guest posting on other people’s sites.

This will get your own site to get noticed more easily after you negotiate a deal with the owner of the other site where you’ll be writing content in exchange for adding a link to your own website on every post you make.

Site owners are fond of getting others to guest post on their sites because adding more content is always a positive factor concerning the exposure of a website.

Build A Relationship With The Blogger

It is essential to create a good connection with the owner of the blog where you want to make your posts. The better the ranking of the other blog, the more challenging the situation will be, although not impossible. A blogger that has many visitors on his site is used to receive requests for guest posts; therefore he or she is used to reject many of those requests with ease.

If you want to avoid falling into the group of those that don’t get the right to do guest posts, you should really show that you want to help. You can start by following the owner of the blog on twitter and facebook and then you can start to get more involved by making valuable comments on the site’s posts (new and old ones too).

Remember, the success of your bookmaker website ultimately will depend on the time you spend improving it on a constant basis, so go ahead and put aside some of your well-earned free time working on making your site better; you certainly will not regret it.