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Pay Per Head Sports Betting: The Secret Choice Of Smart Bookies

Pay Per Head Sports Betting: The Secret Choice Of Smart Bookies

Why pay full price for expensive sportsbook software, when you can work with Pay Per Head Sports Betting services!

With a smart, weekly investment, you can boost your wagering operation, allowing you to automate everything, and cut your overhead costs.

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Benefits

Now, these are the benefits related to these amazing Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions:

Takes care of itself

These Pay Per Head Sports Betting offshore services do it all!

They’re easy to use, and they were designed to meet your particular agent needs.

This is deeply satisfying and exciting news for bookmaking agents!

And that’s because this is an effective set of tools that adapt to your lifestyle…

Keeping you informed and in touch with your business at all times.

Indeed, these are the perfect solutions for beginners and experienced agents alike.

Up-to-the-minute information

You’ll get instant feedback about every single new piece of the action.

Allowing you to keep ahead of the game, and running your sports betting business like a true pro thanks to your critical eye.

This is definitely an indispensable tool that was built for efficiency.

So, by working with this bookie software, without a doubt, you can’t lose, and you won’t be disappointed.

Travels Anywhere

With these Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions, running a bookie business is easier than ever before.

And the reason is because this sportsbook software go wherever you go…

All you need is your favorite mobile device, and access to the internet… It couldn’t be easier!

Needless to say, this is definitely the passport to the freedom you’ve always wanted to enjoy…

Total Privacy And Security

This is your defense against wiseguy action!

The PPH Shop is ever-vigilant about unwanted wagering activity.

This means that by getting these Pay Per Head Sports Betting services, you’re protecting your valuable operation.

Furthermore, your players are also fully protected; because all they need to place bets is a simple user name and password.

This is great because players love their privacy; and this factor will definitely help you to attract new clients your way.

Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services

Now, here’s a quick look at the different Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions you and your players will get access to:

  • Bookie software
  • Your own site
  • Call center betting

Bookie software

Out of the different Pay Per Head Sports Betting services, this is the one for you, the top bookmaker.

With this tool you can edit the accounts of your players.

You can also set all sorts of different limits for risk amounts and wagering types.

Plus, you can also manage all the wagering lines provided by the PPH company.

And you can also manage your sub-agents, which makes this a tool of incalculable value…

Your own site

Your players also get their own Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions; including a website where they can place bets or play casino games.

With that said, this gambling solution is paid as an extra, but you definitely want to count with it.

And the reason is that by having your own online casino you can attract not only bettors; but also gamblers to your portfolio of clients.

This means that you can get immediate positive results, allowing you to become successful faster.

Plus, you can personalize your site with your favorite design, and you can even pick up your favorite domain name!

Call center betting

Your players also get access to Pay Per Head Sports Betting phone services…

These solutions are provided by skilled, experienced wagering clerks; operating from a modern offshore call center located in Costa Rica.

These services are also multilingual, which means that you can offer your bookie solutions to people that speak English, Chinese and Spanish.

Now, these solutions are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And what’s really great about this phone service is that you get your own 1-800 number!

This is a toll free number which your players can dial without restrictions.

And this is a number that’s only going to be available for your own clients; so this is also a factor that will make it easier for you to attract new customers.

Interested? Then it’s time to…

Claim Your Free Week Of Pay Per Head Sports Betting Services!

When you work with a top PPH Shop, you don’t risk a cent, you’re under no obligation, and the choice is always yours.

Clear proof of this is the fact that you get seven days to try all the different Pay Per Head Sports Betting solutions charge-free.

You want to use this full week to try out every single service…

And once the trial week is over, you can decide if you want to stay with the PPH company or not.

If you feel fully satisfied with the services you obtained, then you can proceed to sign up with the PPH Shop long-term…

Before Getting Pay Per Head Sports Betting Solutions, Get Startup Funds

Yes, before you get Pay Per Head Sports Betting services, get the startup funds you’ll need.

And the reason is because you want to pay all players, all the time, no exceptions.

This is because this will help you to attract new customers by word of mouth.

And these referrals will soon turn into loyal clients that will bring other new loyal customers, and so on…

Now, if you count with this cash in your bank account, then this is the best way to go.

This is because even though you’ll be assuming all of the risk, you’ll also be getting all the profits for yourself.

On the other hand, if you feel that you want to share the risk of the operation, you can work with an investor.

This way you get the cash you need, and also someone that can help you guide your business in the right direction.

As you can see, if you want to become a top bookie, all you need are Pay Per Head Sports Betting services, so contact a top PPH Shop, and get your trial week NOW!