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Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Understanding XML Sitemaps


There are some really good reasons to use an XML Sitemap on your Pay per Head Services Site, and here is some helpful information on why.

Indeed, it helps a lot to use XML Sitemaps as search engines are quite fond of them.

Pay per Head Services Tips: XML Sitemap Protocol

When it comes to the XML Sitemap protocol 0.9 format, it was created by the top search engines such as Google and Bing and was designed to be very scalable in order to include Pay per Head Services sites of any size.

You should build your XML Sitemaps based on the latest version of this protocol, which is part of and that makes the work of the web crawlers much easier as it tells them which URL’s (Uniform resource locator) from your Pay per Head Services site must be crawled.

It also makes it possible for website administrators to add extra data related to every URL such as the date of last update and their importance compared to other URLS from the Price per Head Solutions site with the aim of facilitating the crawling process.

HTML Site Maps vs. XML Sitemaps

Even though their names are not that different, a standard HTML site map and an XML Sitemap is a very different type of document.

They are also not interchangeable, so we recommend you to have both kinds on your Pay per Head Services site.

Its Function

What an XML Sitemap does is that it defines for the web crawler the priorities and importance of your Bookie Solutions site.

This is great because it enables the spiders to index your full price per head solutions site faster and to also re-index any possible changes such as new reductions or expansions of content.

Site-Mapping Tools

If you really want a quick diagnostic of what is good and what is bad, then you can do a search for a site-mapping tool that can help you determine what changes you need to make in order to improve the current status of your XML Sitemap.

Such tools can inform you of:

  • Duplicate content that you want to eliminate to improve your rankings.
  • Any broken links that are possibly old and useless now and that are actually leading some visitors to pages with no content at all or to a 404 Not Found page.
  • It will also tell you if there are any areas that the web crawlers aren’t able to access.

Creating Media-Specific XML Sitemaps

When XML Sitemaps were launched for the first time, Google created their own set of protocols for their construction for specific types of data.

For example, if you’re running a news organization, you can create XML Sitemaps especially designed to be indexed for Google News.

Other kinds of media-specific XML Sitemaps include geo-targeted ones, for Google Video, for Mobiles and many more.

XML Sitemaps Must-Do’s

When you construct an XML Sitemap for your Pay per Head Services site, it must:

  • Have a loc child entry for every url parent tag.
  • Start with a urlset tag and finish with another one.
  • Have a url entry for every URL in order to function as an XML tag.

Be Concise

Although having an XML Sitemap and a regular HTML site map can help you greatly when it comes to improve your PageRank, it is also advisable to be concise with the construction and maintenance of your Bookie Pay her Head Services site.

This means that you should always work with a consistent method in order to guarantee that all the elements of your well-siloed website are going to remain relevant at all times.