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Pay per head: Why Using These Services is the Way to Go

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If you are a sports betting agent, then you probably know that competition is quite fierce right now, and it is no secret that the bookies that are becoming more successful are those that are currently using Pay per head services to run their business.

Let us explain you some of the top advantages of using Pay per head solutions, especially if you are a bookmaker that is still running things old school.


Pay per head: No Overhead Costs


When working with a Pay per head company, you won’t have to hire your own clerks or renting an office to run your business because the PPH shop that you are dealing with is going to provide you with those elements.

A renowned establishment is usually located offshore, in a country where they have a large call center staffed with well trained personnel that includes wagering clerks, linesmen and managers.

Such call center is also enhanced with modern technology, including a variety of phone services, which means that your clients will always have the chance to place their wagers on time, on a year-round, 24/7 schedule.

The only actual cost attached to using Pay per head is a fair weekly fee per client that the Sportsbook software provider is going to charge you based on actual usage.

This means, for example, that if you have 100 clients and only half of them made use of the shop’s resources, then you’ll only have to pay for 50 clients during a given week.

No Data Processing for you

If you are the kind of bookmaking professional that loves to collect the cash related your business but don’t like at all to process every single bet manually using hand-written tickets, then working with Pay per head solutions can really turn into a game-changer for you.

The reason? Well, you really won’t ever have to process a single wager by yourself again in your life as the pph establishment will make sure that your clients are well taken care of.

This means that once you have decided to partner with a pph shop, they will commit to register all betting action coming from your clients and will provide you with some really insightful data related to the overall wagering business that they are running for you.

This allows you to keep an eye on your sports betting operation without having to be truly involved in it. In other words, the Pay per head company provides you with the data that you need in order to decide who you need to pay and who you need to collect from.

Never on the Spotlight

One of the things most bookies hate about their professional career is that they are often on the spotlight for the wrong reasons while attracting unwanted attention.

When you do business with a Pay per head establishment, you really don’t have to worry about that because you are really not taking any wagers yourself.

Instead, you are facilitating a betting service for people that distrust online post-up sportsbook operations and prefer to deal with an actual bookie who offer them the possibility of registering their betting action either over the phone or the web.

Using Pay per head solutions is certainly a smart choice, for the reasons that are mentioned above and many others, such as the ability to offer your clientele casino gaming services.