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Pay per Head Services Site Tips: User Engagement


Much of what you learned back in your English classes can come quite handy when it comes  to writing engaging content for your pay per head services website.

You need to keep in mind that your site is really never “finished.”

In fact, the pages of our website need continuous revision. When you’ve written something and you return to it a few days after, there are likely a few factors that you might want to change.

Indeed, the better your content, the more professional your site looks and the more chances of getting a good position in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Using Verbs

Your must pick good verbs that convey action. Avoid the regular “to be” forms, and instead make use of more strong verbs such as soar, create, drive and infuse.

Avoid the Passive Tone

When you use a passive tone on your writing, it sounds too serious and although that is good sometimes, it should be the exception and not the rule. Instead, try to identify the subject on a given sentence and make it active.

Your bookie pay per head services site really needs to persuade visitors, get them interested and draw then in with outstanding SEO (search engine optimization) content. It is because of this that you need to avoid writing in a passive way.

This means that instead of just telling the mere facts, you need to evoke action in order to get to the minds and hearts of your readers, so don’t forget to be as descriptive as possible.

In other words, don’t just tell people about your bookie price per head service, make them feel it.

Sensory Words

The text that you write for your pay per head services website needs to make visitors feel what you’re talking about.

For example, instead of just writing something like “bookie solutions for your betting needs,” improve such sentence with something like “Increase your adrenaline while enjoying the action of your football game on a warm Sunday afternoon by placing a sound wager with your favorite agent.”

Another great thing about writing emotive, longer sentences is that it gives you a chance of integrating your keywords in a seamless way.

Give Details

Remember that you should always call things by their name. Avoid being vague as such unwanted writing practice will certainly lead you to become more ambiguous and it will also confuse the visitors of your pay per head services site.

Sometimes, because you are writing on something that you are very familiar with, you might end up generalizing or putting together phrases that only make sense to those familiar with your business.

In order to see if your text is enticing not only to experienced players but also to the novice ones, get someone neutral to read your copy in order to help you find out if what you wrote is clear to most people or if you need to change some unclear text.

A fresh pair of eyes will help you identify mistakes more easily than if you are the only one reviewing the text contained within the pages of your bookie pay per head services site.


Your also should avoid using pronouns such as “it” or “that” or generic terms such as “thing” or “stuff.”

Of course there will be times that it will be impossible for you to avoid using such words in your writing, but do it as often as you can. In fact, you should always try to use terms which are packed with meaning.

Also, when you restate a specific keyword term, you are helping the web crawlers to truly understand what a given page of your pay per head services site is all about.