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Pay per Head Services: SEO Factors With the Most Weight


According to some of the most influential SEO’s out there, there are several factors that carry more weight than others, and working on them can really improve the chances of your bookie Pay per Head Services site to become more popular.

Pay per Head Services: SEO Top Factors


These are the elements that are managed by the webmaster of the Pay per Head Services website.


1-Quality: Take the time to create pages for your Pay per Head Services site that are well written and have enough quality content that is designed to fit the needs of possible clients.

2-Research: Make sure that you possess the best practice of taking the time to check for the keywords that prospective customers are currently using to find agents like yourself either locally, in other areas of your country of residence or overseas.

3-Words: Use keyword phrases on the different pages of your site that you are hoping people is going to find them for in the search engines.


1-Titles: Although there are other factors related to html that are quite relevant, the most important one doubtless is the titles.

For this reason, don’t forget to have title tags that contain keyword terms that go hand-in-hand with the topic of a given page of your Pay per Head Services website.

2-Description: Make sure that the meta-description tags of your site contain an accurate, short and informative sentence about what a given page is all about.


1-Crawl: When it comes to the set of factors related to the architecture of a given sportsbook solutions site, the most important one is the ability of the search engines to crawl your website.

If for some reason the content of your site is not visible to the search engines, it will be impossible for people to find you in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

2-Duplicate: Is your website able to handle issues related to duplicate content well?



These are the elements related to visitors, readers and publishers other than the actual webmaster of the Pay per Head Services website.


1-Country: What is the country where a given user is located?

2-Locality: What is the actual city where the possible client of your bookie Pay per Head Services business resides?

3-History: Is a person repeatedly visiting your website or has that same prospective customer favored you in social channels such as Facebook or Twitter?


Authority: Does your Pay per Head Services website have enough authoritative links, social shares and tweets and similar elements that can give credit to the site as to have authority?

History: If your site is brand new, it is in your best interest to keep a good reputation since day one. When you get to the point where your website has been around for a while operating in the same successful way, you are on the right track.


Quality: Do you have links that are coming from sites that are considered trustful and with high-quality content?

Text: Do the links that point to any given page of your site actually have the keywords you are hoping that page to be found for?

Social / Reputation: Have you managed to get well respected members (also known as influencers) of the different social media communities out there to share your content?

If you want to accelerate the process of getting positive results for your brand new Pay per Head Services site, then try to focus on the aforementioned elements first, and then continue to work on other key factors that can really make the difference and get you the online conversions that you are aiming for.