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Pay per Head Services: Top Reasons to Start a Business Pt. 1


If you are an entrepreneur that wishes to start your own Pay per Head Services startup company, you have probably heard a lot of negative comments about making it happen, such as going into debt or losing your social life.

Even though this might be true at first, it is certainly not a permanent situation, and there are many more positive reasons why you should take the chance of starting a business of your own than not.

This is the first of two articles where we offer you the major reasons why you should say yes to a Bookie operation of your own.

Pay per Head Services: Spare Time

Sure, when you use Pay per Head Services, you will have more free time than if you don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should use ALL the time that you are saving on your hobbies or other miscellaneous activities that are not related to your betting operation.

Instead, use some of that time in order sign up new players for your company, and surely afterwards you will notice that you will be able to master your schedule almost perfectly, which will allow you to find the freedom that owning your own business provides.

Telling a Story

When you are running your very own Pay per Head Services business, it will be certainly very pleasing for you to tell others about your entrepreneurial spirit and about how well you are currently doing.

Indeed, to talk about a company that you own is nothing compared to tell people that you work for a mega-gigantic corporation where you are just a pawn more.

Tax Benefits

Although you are running a Pay per Head Services operation, you can tell the people from the government that you are a freelancer that provides a client attention solution, for example.

And since you are telling them that you are working by your own, you are able to take advantage of some nice tax perks, including writing off expenses such as phone bills, traveling, food and much more.


When you are able to build a Pay per Head Services company from the ground up, you will be constantly filled by a sentiment of success.

You first had a vision about how you wanted things to go, and once you were able to execute your plans without any major inconveniences, you were able to say to yourself “I did it” and enjoy the benefits and the profits of your bookmaking operation.


If you have younger family members that have the right age, then you can bring them on board and teach them all they need to know in order to help them grow alongside you.

Once you decide to retire from your Pay per Head Services operation after having made the kind of money that you were aiming for, you can pass on the main chair to the next generation.

This certainly will make you feel quite proud of yourself, because you are leaving to your loved ones something that you created.


When you are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, which means that you if you are a dedicated Pay per Head Services business owner, you will end up with enough cash as to find the stability that you have always wanted to have in your life.


When you work directly for a company, there are little chances of you to meet other entrepreneurs because you are focused on making money for other people.

But when you work for yourself, you are likely going to be constantly looking for information on how you can expand your current operation.

And since entrepreneurs are communal individuals, you will always going to have people like yourself supporting you and giving you ideas about how you can improve.