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Pay per Head Services: Basic Elements of Compelling Content


In order to make your Pay per Head Services site popular, you want to create content that is compelling. However, before you begin, you need to make sure of what you want to say and how you want to say it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pay per Head Services: Useful Ideas

Positive Emotions

There was a recent study of more than one hundred million articles by Buzz Sumo which proved that content from your Pay per Head Services blog or website which evokes laughter, awe and amusement is shared more commonly than content that doesn’t possess such qualities.

Cognitive Impact

It is Ok to create content for your Pay per Head Services website based on what people already know, but it is even better when you come up with articles or pictures that allows viewers to learn something new.

According to another important study, content that is practical, interesting and surprising gets shared or emailed 34%, 29% and 16% more, respectively.

Middle-Form Content

When you create content that is too short, people tends to discard it because it looks as if the creator (s) didn’t even took the time to do some proper research to make it larger.

On the other hand, when you create content for your Pay per Head Services site or blog that is too long, people are likely to pass-on on such type of articles because the task of reading a long, 3000-word document might seem like an overwhelming task.

Because of this, it is advisable to create articles with in-depth, middle-form content because such type of docs are considered to be digestible for the majority of readers out there.

We recommend you to create articles that go from 450 to 800 words in length in order to allow you to get the most social shares.

Long Articles

In the case that you need to create a very long article to promote your bookie Pay per Head Services, you should be able to format it in a way that people are going to feel comfortable reading it.

You should experiment with the delivery, so try to format your article using elements such as videos, infographics, why’s, what’s, how-to’s and top lists.


In order to improve your social media shares, it is key to add at least one picture within your written content.

On Facebook: It has been proven that articles from your Pay per Head Services website that contain a picture are shared 2.3 times more than those without one.

On Twitter: The case of this social site is similar as articles with pics are shared 2.1 times more than those that doesn’t contain one.

It is also important to add meta-tags to your images in order to improve the visibility on image search sites such as Google.

Catchy Headlines

The actual content of a new post from your Pay per Head Services site and its title go hand-in-hand in importance. In fact, a headline is even more relevant because it is actually what makes people click on a link.

In order to create headlines that can truly drive some good traffic to your sportsbook solutions website or blog, you can:

  • Use Numbers and Adjectives
  • Offer a Promise
  • Positive Titles are Better, but you can use Negative Titles from Time to Time
  • Appeal to Emotion and the Sense of Self


A byline is located below the title of a post from your site and the actual content. It has been proven that using a byline can increase the social share count of your articles. It is advisable to make such byline an H2 tag.


Once the article from your Pay per Head Services blog or website is ready, it needs to be shared, and according to the experts, it is advisable to get an influencer (someone that people sees as authoritative on the web) to share your post as recent studies have shown that when an influencer helps you with your work it gets shared as much as a 31.8% more.