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Pay Per Head: Personalized Services For Bookies, Sub-Agents


As one of the first pph companies, Book per Head has an unmatched reputation when it comes to offering innovative sportsbook solutions for bookies.

Our offshore operation involves some of the most knowledgeable gaming experts in the industry and we are proud to say that it is precisely our human talent which makes us a unique option for any bookmaker out there.


A Partnership Between Bookies and Book per Head


Instead of trying to get the clients from bookies (as it is often the case with online regular sportsbooks), the mission of Book per Head is to establish a relationship with the main agent and create a formidable partnership that will bring a lot of great benefits for both parties involved.

For Bookies and their Sub-Agents

Our services are also quite beneficial for bookmakers whom work with sub-agents as our company acts as a third-party that provides the necessary tools and the personnel to keep everybody satisfied.

Although it is possible that this is the exception instead of the rule, sometimes bookies and sub-agents might tend to disagree when it comes to a particular aspect of their mutual business.

In order to prevent such disagreements from happening, we allow bookmakers to have access to our very own bookie software, which keeps accurate information concerning key things such as payments related to the sub-agents and everything concerning wagers and outcomes (plus so much more).

We believe that by allowing us to take care of all their business data, both the bookies and their sub-agents can really have some peace of mind and avoid any sort of conflicts and we have to say that doubtless, because of this positive factor our reputation has been growing steadily throughout the years.

Equal Service for Everybody

As of now, our company is considered to be one of the top offshore operators and we can thank for that to a tradition of excellence and respect for our clients.

Even though our direct customers are the bookies themselves, when we receive a phone call at our offices in Costa Rica we make no distinction between anyone.

Whether a bookmaker, a sub-agent or a bettor, we will always give our best in order to continue to be one of the leading pph shops.

Personalized Plan

If you are a bookie that is looking for pph services but you are still not sure which company to sign up with, we invite you to give us a call and tell us about your needs so we can come up with a personalized plan that we are sure it will be not only convenient for you but also quite affordable.

Oh, and to make things better, we will grant you a full month of free services so you can try us out and take your own decision about our offerings! Call us now for free at 1-877-774-0999!