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Pay per Head Services: Get to Know Bing Webmaster Center


Pay per Head Services: Bing Webmaster Center

Bing Webmaster Center offers a series of tools that are effective and not only can help you get a better ranking in Bing’s search engine results pages, but also in Google.

Sites Overview

This particular tool provides webmasters with a single overview of their Pay per Head Services sites and their current performance in search results powered by Bing.

Metrics that can be viewed on this particular segment of Bing Webmaster Center include:

  • Impressions
  • Indexed Pages
  • Clicks
  • Number of “spidered” pages per site.

Crawl Stats

This segment provides some extra data and great reports related to the number of pages from a given Pay per Head Services website which have been crawled by Bing and most importantly, how many errors have been uncovered during the process.

Just like with the tools provided by Google, Bing allows people to submit their own sitemaps in order to help Microsoft’s search engine to discover content from a sportsbook solutions site and prioritize it.


This is a section that is similar to one that is offered in Google Webmaster Tools and which allows people to view and assist Bing in order to index pages in a more proficient way.

Here, webmasters can explore the content of their Pay per Head Services site with the goal of organizing it accordingly to Bing standards.

It also allows users to submit or remove URLs from search results, adjust settings related to parameters and check out inbound links.


On this segment, people can find a summary related to the traffic that has arrived to their Pay per Head Services websites through Bing (or Yahoo!) searches. They will also find click-through info and reports on impressions.

Also available on this section are reports related to costs estimates in case a given webmaster is planning to acquire some ads to target specific keywords.

Link Explorer

Identify Powerful Links

With the tool called Link explorer, people can sort out the inbound links from their Pay per Head Services sites by metrics in order to find out which exactly are the most relevant links.

Strongest Linking Domains

With the very same tool, webmasters can find out what are the top domains that are linking to their own domains.

Link Anchor Text Distribution

This particular section of Link Explorer allows people to check the text distribution others used when linking to their Pay per Head Services website.

Head to Head Comparison View

This section is definitely useful when it comes to checking out what the competition is doing as it allows people to compare one Pay per Head Services website against another in order to see why one is currently outranking the other.

With this information at hand, webmasters can realize what they are doing right, and most importantly, what they are doing wrong in order to take the necessary measures to correct any possible mistakes as soon as possible.

Social Share Metrics

This is the section of Link Explorer where people can find out information about how many times content from their sites has been shared, and in which social media website, including the big names such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, plus others relevant ones such as Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine.