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Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Allowing User Input

Allowing users to provide you with content for your pay per head services site, meets 2 important goals: It increases the amount of overall text and it promotes higher user engagement.

You might feel hesitant about letting others write content for you, but the advantages definitely make it a great decision to go with.

Although the content created by others can appear in your pay per head services site, you are ultimately the one that decides exactly what is added.

The top motivation to allow user-generated content (UGC) is to get unique text with a different point of view.


Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Reviews

When it comes to the content created by users for your pay per head services site, reviews are certainly one of the top alternatives.

To allow your actual clients and visitors to write their own reviews is not only a great way to increase the content of your site, but it also increases your credibility as a bookie.


In Their own Words

Users will write about your bookie pay per head services in their own words. Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts combined with the uniqueness of every single review can help you capture the traffic of long tail search terms.


Great for Business

When you allow user reviews, it will be easier for you to sell your bookie pay per head services because visitors tend to trust more in the veracity of user-generated content than in usual sales text.

If a prospective client sees that you have some great reviews, their faith in your bookie solutions increases, which means that your chances of closing a deal are also more favorable.

They say that an educated consumer helps to create better clients, and this is indeed true.


Good News on Positive Reviews

Some owners of bookie sites fear that users might write bad reviews on the pay per head services they provide, but if we consider statistics, the news are really good.

This is because professional online reviews websites have found that 85% of reviews are positive.

This means that people tend to write a review more often when they are satisfied with a product or service and not otherwise.


Unwanted Reviews

Of course you will also get your share of bad reviews despite how good your price per head service is. In order to deal with unwanted reviews properly, you should:

  • Monitor the content that is being generated by your users. You can either do this manually, or you can opt for an automatic service that can help you remove offending entries from your pay per head services site.
  • It is also a good idea to keep a record of the IP addresses of your reviewers in order to keep track of people that leave unfounded bad comments.
  • You can also consider providing people with account logins, but the drawback to this is that such security gate may dissuade users from writing reviews. On the positive side, it will give you assurance that only clients are writing the reviews.
  • It is also good to let people to comment on other users’ reviews. The more a positive comment is supported, the more credible it appears to prospective customers.


Negative Comments with a Good Outcome

When someone writes a bad review or puts a bad comment on a good review, this will give you the chance to contact the disgruntled user in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

After the person’s problem is resolved, he or she might be so happy, that you might end up getting either a great correction on a bad review (which gives you more credibility) or a fully new great positive review on your pay per head services site from the person that wrote the bad comment on a previously published good review.