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Pay per Head: Your Online Business


Once you’ve started a bookie operation, working locally certainly won’t be enough if you want to attain success, so you really need to seriously consider working with a Pay per head services company that allows you to count with an online wagering service.

Additionally, you also need to create your own website in order to promote your bookie Pay per head operation, and also, don’t forget to have a good social media presence.


Pay per Head: A Betting Website


When you sign up with a Pay per head establishment, their service package includes online betting which means that no matter where your players are located, they can always place their wagers with you.

This fact is quite significant because it means that you are not tied to your local sports betting community. Instead, you can opt for recruiting players from all over the country and even overseas.

If you don’t count with a considerably large budget, to come up with a wagering site all by yourself is really not an option because this type of websites not only demands general maintenance, but it also requires special software to run the betting lines.

On top of that, you’ll also need to hire a physical lines manager to move your lines (of course you can do this job yourself, but it will require long hours of continuous work).

Indeed, a betting site is an essential part of a well structure online business plan for your bookie Pay per head operation.

A Marketing Website

You know what else you need? A marketing website where you can add all the relevant information related to your wagering business.

You can also optimize your site as best as possible in order to give you the chance of appearing at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for focused keywords that can get you the kind of visitors that can later turn into clients.

In other words, a well optimized, informative and accessible site will definitely get you some good conversions.

Social Media

Nowadays most people have profiles on social media sites, with a lot of them being frequent users. This of course includes bettors.

There are actually two types of social media presence that you can have: your personal profile and your business profile.

Personal: This profile contains information related to your life, friends, family and likes.

In reality, you shouldn’t use your personal profile for recruiting clients, but there are always some exceptions.

For example, if someone that you know wants to put you in touch with a player, then you can pass on the information of your personal social media profile to such type of prospective customer.

This will give your Pay per head bookmaking business a lot of credibility and will bring a sense of familiarity to a possible negotiation.

Business: Having a business profile on different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is definitely necessary because they make it easier to get in touch with people that have similar tastes.

This means that those that are looking for betting services might stumble upon your social media profile, read what you have to offer, and possibly turn into conversions.

Having a social media presence definitely give a business a lot of credibility, and a bookie Pay per head operation is not the exception.

This is because people are free to give their opinions about the services or products they acquire online, and if they like what they got; they are going to give you a good review and will praise you with good comments.

If you manage to do a good work and provide your clients with all they need to feel satisfied while placing their wagers, then your online positive feedback can serve as a great marketing tool to attract and sign new players.