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Pay per Head: Getting Familiar with Its Concepts


Are you an agent that has heard of Pay per head services, but you really are not sure about what it is and how it can benefit your career?

If that is the case, then you might be interested in reading the information presented below because it can serve as a real eye-opener related to how you are currently handling your business, and how you can start running it from now on.


Pay per Head: Say Goodbye to your Old School Ways


Back in the day, although the job of a bookie was very profitable, it was also quite tiresome because there was a lot of manual labor involved as agents had to process every single bet on paper and then keep those records safe.

That was really a tedious process because, for example, if a piece of paper with active wagering action went missing, then that meant that the bookie had no proof that a bet was made.

This often led to a series of troubles related to collecting earnings or paying winning bets.

Things are actually quite different now because of the existence of Pay per head companies, whom are in charge of providing bookies with all they need in order to run their businesses like real professionals and for a really low weekly cost.

PPH Offerings

Pay per head can really become essential for bookies because it allows them to provide services to their clients that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer on their own.

The concept of PPH is very simple: they process data for sports betting agents and receive a fee in exchange.

If you are wondering how this fee actually work, it is based on actual services rendered. The fee is paid per client, which means that you need to pay a fixed amount of a cash for every player every week, though you only pay the Pay per head company only when a given client of yours has recorded any sort of wagering activity.

The PPH shop counts with its own offshore call center which is packed with clerks and betting pros that are ready to provide players with information on current available games to then register their wagering action.

Players can also bet over the internet using a simple login name and password, which is entered on a website that is provided by the pph shop.

Bookies have the option of using the shop’s generic sites, or they can also opt for getting they own custom website, which is hosted and supported by the PPH company.

Such data is stored on a data base that is only accessible to a few selected members of the Pay per head company and the bookmaker.

This means that not only the bookie doesn’t have to take bets himself, but the information related to the wagering activity of his clients is fully secured and kept away from unwanted attention.

Working with Others

Although using Pay per head services gives you a great deal of freedom, you will still need to work with certain key people in order to run things properly.

One of such individuals is an accountant, who can run the numbers for the agent, making sure that the figures related to debts paid and earnings collected are correct.

And of course sub-agents, whom are also very important for Pay per head bookies because they can get new customers and deal with collections and payments on a regular basis, allowing agents to enjoy the good side of the bookmaking business without having to focus on all the details of the operation.