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Pay per Head Cheap Services Can Also Be Of The Highest Quality

Pay per Head Cheap Services Can Also Be Of The Highest Quality

Pay per Head Cheap Services Can Also Be Of The Highest Quality


Pay per Head Cheap services can also be the best ones if you pick the right PPH company.

And all you need to do to find the right PPH Shop is to look in one place: Costa Rica.

The reason is because this is the country the top PPH companies in the world call home.

So, when you associate yourself to one of these companies, you are definitely destined to get the best value for your cash.


Pay per Head Cheap, But Great

Now, the value part is very important, because you want to pay the least possible, but you also want to get great offshore services.

So, you need to look for a company that offers you an AFFORDABLE price.

If you think that you’re paying a very decent, affordable price, for solutions that are keeping you and your business happy; then you definitely made the right decision.

And that’s exactly what you want to get when you deal with one of these top PPH companies: to get as much VALUE as possible.

And also, what you definitely want to avoid is to pay the least you can pay, for very poor services that won’t help your sports betting operation at all…

See the difference between paying the least, and paying for something that’s affordable?

So, when you contact a PPH Shop, before you analyze the price per head weekly fee, analyze what they have to offer.

If they offer you a FREE TRIAL PERIOD right away, that’s a very good sign.

And that’s because it means that you’re dealing with a company that’s willing to let you check everything out without paying a single cent for it.


Pay per Head Cheap Services: What You Get

Now, these are the bookmaking and gambling Pay per Head Cheap services you and your players can get access to:

  • Your own bookie software
  • A full online sports betting and gambling website
  • Access to a modern offshore call center


Your own bookie software

Part of the great value you get by paying an affordable, Pay per Head Cheap price to a top PPH shop, is to get your hands on a premium data management tool for bookies.

This is the kind of sportsbook software that will MODERNIZE your business immediately.

But don’t get scared about the word modernize, this just means that your operation will run very smoothly.

And it also means that you won’t need to get any kind of training to learn how to use this bookie software.

In fact, you’ll know what everything means right away.

Because every single agent report you get access to is very effective, and also very easy to understand.

And you can also edit anything related to the accounts of your players, and doing so is also quite simple.

So, what all this means is that you can become a pro at using this amazing bookie software immediately!


A full online sports betting and gambling website

An affordable, Pay per Head Cheap price can also get you a full website for your players.

This is a site where they can place their bets or play online casino games.

Now, when you sign up, your clients only get access to the sports betting area.

So, if you want to grant your customers access to the gambling area, you need to pay an extra weekly fee.

With that said, this gaming solution is very profitable.

And it includes access not only to the amazing flash games; but also to a LIVE CASINO, where your clients can play assisted by real, professional dealers.


Two website options

Now, if you’re running a small operation and want to stay that way, then you can opt for staying with the standard PPH site, which your players share with the players of other agents.

But if you want to expand your business as much as possible, you can always use a powerful marketing tool such as your own wagering and gambling site, which will be available only for your own clients.

This is a site that’s hosted by the PPH Shop; and it comes with all the features your players will need to get their action.

Plus you can pick the name and the design of the site.

And all you need to do to get access to this site is to pay a ONE-TIME extra fee.

Once you do, the PPH web development team will contact you to start working on your brand new site right away.


Access to a modern offshore call center

For this Pay per Head Cheap price, your players get not one, but two outstanding services, and the second one is phone betting.

This includes access to a modern offshore call center located in Costa Rica; which is packed with the latest communications technology.

And this is also a place that’s filled with wagering and gambling pros with years, and even decades of experience under their belts.

Plus, when your clients contact this call center; they will be getting their betting action with multilingual clerks whom are always ready to provide a professional, respectful service.

Now, what’s great about this phone solution is that it’s always free for your players.

And the reason is because you get your own 1-800 number!

This means that your players not only get to call free of charge whenever they want; but it also means that you’re getting another great marketing tool in your own personalized toll free number.

This is a number which will be available only to your own customers; and this exclusivity factor can definitely help you close a lot of client conversions for your operation.

And with all that said, if you really want to get this kind of customized phone solution; you definitely need to sign up with a Costa Rica PPH company.


If you manage to find the right PPH Shop from this Central American country; you’ll get everything you and your players will need.

And this includes access to premium solutions that will make your life easier; and that are affordable because they’re available for a great Pay per Head Cheap price.