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Pay Per Head And Bookies: The Perfect Partnership


When bookies make use of pay per head services, their businesses immediately change for the better and that is quite a positive factor when it comes to competing against the big online names.


PPH Helps Bookies Keep their Clients


Post-up sportsbooks have been trying to have access to the vast market of players that have been wagering with their local bookie for years, but the close relationship between the agent and his clients have made quite difficult for such sports betting companies to get bettors to play with them.

We at Book per Head believe that instead of attacking sports betting bookies in an attempt to steal their clients, it is better to actually create a partnership and offer them the necessary tools that can allow them to run sportsbook-like operations for a small monetary cost.

Book per Head, an Intermediary

Our collaboration with a bookmaker doesn’t affect his relationship with his clients because all.

We just act as an intermediary that offers specialized client attention solutions to the bookie, who at the same time is the one that collects from his players for bets they lost or pays them for wagers they’ve won, meaning that Book per Head has no involvement in that part of the agent’s business.

Essentially, the partnership between our company and a bookie consists on the agent recruiting bettors while we set lines and take care of taking bets.

In-House Bookies Software

We have also written our very own pay per head software, which is intended to provide agents with live information concerning his business, including data about the wagering action of his clients, accounting, sub-agent activity, winnings, losses and much more.

The Weekly Fee

Instead of paying us a percentage from the total of their earnings, a bookie just have to pay us an agreed upon weekly fee for the services we have provided to his clients and since it is all based on actual usage, agents only have to pay for the players who actually made use of our solutions and not for those whom remained inactive during a given week.

Work Less, Play More

We believe that bookies should worry less and enjoy their life more, and our services are certainly intended to serve such a purpose because if the agents that are in business with us are happy, we are too, so when we start dealing with a bookie for the first time, we make it clear to him that the prosperity of his business is our number one priority.

Free Week of Services

Since we believe that our company is one of the top pph services providers in the industry, we are offering our new clients a full free month so they can try out our solutions, so if you are new to the concept of pph shops or you just want to try a different option, we invite you to give us a call at 1-877-774-0999!