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Pay per Head: Providing Bookies with a Competitive Edge


Making use of Pay per Head services is definitely going to have a tremendous positive impact in your career as a bookie, especially because you will be able to compete head to head with the big names in the industry.


Pay per Head: Avoid Losing Clients to Online Sportsbooks


Although post-up online sportsbooks have been trying to get the clients of local bookmakers for years and have succeeded in a certain degree, the truth is that the close relationship between an agent and his players encourage the latter to keep on wagering with their “guy.”

This of course doesn’t mean that players are not leaving their bookies at all, in fact, those whom decide to start playing with web sportsbooks are the ones that are dealing with agents whom are not working with Pay per Head services.

Partners, Not Competitors

Reputable Pay per Head companies are quite different than post up sportsbooks in the sense that they are not competing against bookies.

Instead, they provide agents with a helping hand by offering services such as call center and internet betting in order to allow agents to count with the same solutions a player will get from an online sportsbook.

A Pay per Head bookie software company acts as an intermediary between players and their agent, allowing the former to place bets the new school way while enhancing the business of the latter.

The bookie is still the one that does regular collections and pays up winning bets. The Pay per Head company really doesn’t get involved as all the cash that the PPH shop perceives is a weekly fee that is paid based on actual usage of services.

This strategic partnership basically consists on the bookie and his sub-agents recruiting players while the Pay per Head company provides the infrastructure and puts the cash for the overhead costs such as paying wagering clerks and lines managers.

Your own Software

When working with a Pay per Head establishment, you won’t ever need to input any data again in your life because you’ll always have the current information related to the wagering activity of your clients at your fingertips thanks to the custom software that a PPH shop offers you.

Such information is updated live, which means that you’ll always get fresh data.

Privacy and Security

Accurate and prompt data entry is not the only advantage of doing business with a Pay per Head company as they also ensure you that the information concerning the wagering activity of your clients is fully secure and kept private.

Being a bookie, you know how important it is to keep a certain degree of discretion when running a sports betting operation.

It is precisely because of this important reason that having your client’s data stored on foreign servers and away from preying eyes is so relevant for your business.

This of course is great for your image because when your clients realize that their betting info is completely secure, they will feel more comfortable when placing their wagers with you.