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Pay per Head Bookie: Understanding the Business

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Common agents whom used to rely on nothing else but a couple of phone lines and rustic tools such as pens and notebooks have been handling their businesses more conveniently for some time now thanks to the whole Pay per Head Bookie concept.

Working as a Price per Head Bookmaker is a win-win situation for both the client and the agent, and this is because the latter is able to provide a service that is more organized, convenient and friendly to users.

Pay per Head Bookie: Enticed by the Web

The modern advantages of the internet are the main reason why the Pay per head Bookie was born.

A while back the downside of becoming a sports betting agent was that the whole operation had to be run from either a basement, or a similar place that worked as a back office.

A Pay per Head Bookie doesn’t have the need to handle his business that way anymore since he can direct his clients to an especial website where they can get their wagering action.

The PPH Shop (the overseas company that offers the betting solutions) is in charge of recoding every single bet, track it and total it.

Then the agent can simply login into his Price per Head Bookie Software account and check the winners and the losers in order to see who he has to pay or collect from the following week.

The internet is certainly at the center of the whole service, including the phones, which are mostly lines that work using the now famous VoIP (Voice over IP).

Working with Credit

There is always going to be a market out there for street agents, mainly because they offer credit to their clients.

Since agents provide credit, their customers don’t have the need of uploading their credit card information online or send cash to an unknown offshore location.

This means that players can get their action anytime they want and then they can discuss with the Pay per Head bookie about their credit situation.

There is no exchange of cash between the PPH Shop and players. The shop just offers the Pay per Head Bookie a place where he can safely keep the wagering data of his clients.

If a client pays his debts, then the agent knows that he can trust such person in order to extend more credit.

On the other hand, players can rely on the Pay per Head Bookie since they are playing using credit. Indeed this type of organized service is quite attractive and really works.

Splitting the Profits

A Pay per Head Bookie has two options:

A. He can working all by himself and keeps all the profits while paying an affordable weekly fee per player. In this case, the agent has to assume all the financial costs. This is a great option for seasoned agents whom are financially stable.

B. The Pay per Head Bookie can also decide to work as a partner of the PPH Shop, with the latter working at the office processing the wagers and the agent doing the street work (either alone or with sub-agents whom work for a commission), meaning getting the clients and doing collections.

The second option is advantageous for the type of Pay per Head Bookie who is just getting started in the business because the financial risk is lower.

This means that the agent is going to split profits 50-50 with the PPH Shop but the latter is also going to contribute 50% of the cost when a player wins.

In other words, the agent makes less cash for his own pocket but he doesn’t get hit so hard on his bank account.