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Pay per Head Bookie Software And Top Services for Players

Pay per Head Bookie Software And Top Services for Players

Pay per Head Bookie Software And Top Services for Players


Pay per Head Bookie Software is not just a data management tool; it will also help you to create the kind of stress-free life you want as a top bookmaker.

In other words: by using the offshore services from a PPH Shop; you can get the profits you want, without the hassle related to processing wagers manually.

In fact, once you sign up with the right pay per head services company; you won’t need to take a single wager any more in your life.


Pay per Head Bookie Software: How to get it

If you really want to get the best Pay per Head Bookie Software; you should get in touch with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

This is because the majority of reputable price per head companies are located in this Central American country.

And the reason is because this is a nation that counts with the human talent and the resources to allow PPH Shops to offer the best possible solutions to bookmaking agents and their players.

And, everything is affordable, because by operating from Costa Rica, reputable PPH Shops are able to save in overhead costs.

Then, the PPH Shop invests in better services and personnel.

So, in order to get this sportsbook software, you can start by researching the web.

Once you’ve found a couple of good PPH Shops from Costa Rica; given them a call, and compare the answers you get.

Once you’re satisfied with a single price per head company, sign up to start using its sports betting and gaming solutions.

Remember that you’ll be working with this PPH Shop long-term; which means that this PPH company will basically become your right hand, so it’s crucial to choose well.


Pay per Head Bookie Software: What’s included

Now, when you sign up with the best PPH Shop, you’ll not only get Pay per Head Bookie Software for you; but also the best sports betting and gaming solutions for your players.

Here are the services you’ll get:

  • Pay per Head Bookie Software for agents
  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Call center wagering


Pay per Head Bookie Software for agents

This is the tool you’ll be using to manage your full operation.

It includes a lot of reports that allows you to verify how well your operation is doing versus your players.

And you can also use it to create and edit the accounts of players at will.

Another thing you can do is to manage the wagering lines offered by the PPH Shop.

With that said, the sports betting lines from the price per head company are great and really don’t need any adjustments.

The reason for that is because a reputable PPH Shop are created and moved by specialized personnel, also known as the line movers.

These individuals are experts at what they do; and they offer your players attractive lines that also offer you an edge over your own customers.

However, you always have the option of editing those lines as you see fit.

And there are a number for reasons for this.

For example, you may get a special request from a customer about creating a special line; or move one of the existent lines.

And, you can do this without any problems at all.


Sports betting and gaming website

Apart from your Pay per Head Bookie Software, your players get access to their own tools; and this is the main one for them.

The reason is because this is a web-based solution, meaning that your players can just grab their favorite mobile devices; and get their action by themselves in a private and secure way.

Now, there are two versions of this website:

  • Standard PPH site
  • Customized agent website


Standard PPH site

This is the standard, official wagering site for the PPH shop.

It includes the software your players need to place their bets, and it’s very affordable.

In fact, this is a service that comes included in the standard package of PPH solutions.


Customized agent website

Now, this is the second option, and it will cost you an extra fee.

But, this is just a one-time fee; which means that you only pay once, and the site is all yours.

The difference between this site and the standard version is that this one is only available for your own players.

And, you also get to pick the URL or domain, and also the design of the website.

Now, both of these sites are great because it means that you can offer your players an outstanding online wagering platform; and you save yourself the hassle of having to pay for hosting services and for sports betting software as well.

And what’s best: by using this solution, you’re one step ahead of regular online sportsbooks.

The reason for this is because the latter requires the personal information of players to process their bets. This includes their names and credit card information.

On the other hand, when you work with PPH services; players only need a simple alias and password.

So, you truly have an edge because you offer more privacy than online sportsbooks; and this is a very favorable factor that can help you get more clients in an easier way.


Optional casino service

By paying an extra weekly fee, you can also get your own fully working online casino!

This includes the most popular games, including Pay per Head Poker.

And, it’s really recommended to get it because you can turn your sports bettors into gamblers; and that way, you can double your profits easily.


Call center wagering

The other top service for players that you get apart from your Pay per Head Bookie Software is call center wagering.

This is a service that’s provided by professional, skilled clerks; directly from the PPH Shop’s offshore call center located in Costa Rica.

This is also a service that’s multilingual, which means that you can offer your sports betting services to players that speak not only English, but also Chinese and Spanish.


As you can see, signing up with the right PPH Shop will give your players the tools they need to place bets and play casino games, trouble-free.

And, it will also give you access to the best Pay per Head Bookie Software, allowing you to manage everything seamlessly.