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Pay per Head Bookie: Promoting your Services in Asia


A Pay per Head Bookie website can allow you to hit many different markets, locally and internationally, and this includes the Asian region.

There are indeed some differences between Asian and Western cultures, so here are some tips that can help you get your Bookie Services site ready for the East.

Pay per Head Bookie: Native Speakers

It is important to point out that what might work in the North American market might just not have the same effect on potential customers of your Pay per Head Bookie business in Asia.

For this reason, you should not just look to translate your site to the Eastern language of your choice, but also to hire native speakers that can create content that is more assertive for your targeted market.

Natives can also help you do local searches in order to be able to see the same results a prospective client doing the same type of research sees.

Hiring natives to help you out shouldn’t be expensive if you know where to search for them. For example, you can hit areas where you know Asians tend to gather, or you can also visit college campuses in order to look for international students.

Analyze the Market

Just as you would analyze a given market within the US territory, you also need to take into consideration the viability of your Pay per Head Bookie niche when marketing in Eastern countries.

Remember that you are dealing with a complete different culture, so you need to make sure that you understand what the most popular and accepted marketing strategies on such nations are.

It might be that sports betting is not so popular in the country that you are targeting, but maybe you can still get some profits from that area by marketing the casino side of your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Sizing up the Competition

After you have decide what is the market (s) that you wish to target in Asia, you need to start analyzing your competitors.

Just like working in the US, you need to see what is it that your competition is doing that is working for them in order to get the best ideas and apply them to your own Pay per Head Bookie Services business.

Take your time to check the websites of your competitors, especially if they are locals.

When doing your research, local natives can help you identify the stronger elements of the best selling sites on your particular niche.

SEO Tools

Besides getting the help of natives, you can also use the proper SEO (search engine optimization) tools in order to check for things like keyword densities.

Make sure that the SEO tool that you are planning to use can be viewed in the language of the country that you are targeting for your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Search Engines

It is a fact that Asians do not use Google as much as Westerns do, so you need to identify the search engines that you will be using in order to promote your Pay per Head Bookie startup company. The faster your site can get indexed on such engines, the better.

Here are some of the top engines in the East:

Japan: In this nation, Yahoo! has most of the online market share, but Google is also getting quite popular.

China: Baidu is the top engine in this country and the 4th most important on a global basis, so you must definitely optimize your site for it.

South Korea: Here, Naver is the most relevant engine, and along with Yahoo, they share 85% of the web search market (Google only 15%), so those are the two engines that you need to optimize for.


Also, don’t forget to adjust the visuals of your Pay per Head Bookie site in order to make it more appealing to Eastern clients.

Asians indeed prefer websites that are full of colors and links, and creating a website where those elements are outstanding is your best bet.

A good idea is to keep your site for the Western market the same, and create a brand new Pay per Head Bookie website for your Asian marketing campaign.