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Pay per Head Bookie: Expanding to the United Kingdom


If you are planning to create a Pay per Head Bookie website in order to hit the United Kingdom market, you need to take into consideration that even though English is the first language in the UK, the British and the Americans do have their differences, so here are some tips that can guide you in the right direction.

Pay per Head Bookie: Spelling

When it comes to creating empathy between you and UK players in order to sign them for your Pay per Head Bookie operation, you need to create content that uses British words.

This is recommended not only because it will bring a sense of familiarity to the texts of your Bookie website, but also because UK bettors tend to do their research in Google or other top search engines using keyword terms that are related to the United Kingdom.

Indeed there is no faster way to decrease your credibility than to forget about the cultural aspects of the country that you are trying to hit with your international marketing campaign.


Doubtless, Google is the most utilized search engine in the United Kingdom (in fact, Google is more relevant in the UK than in the USA), so this is the engine that we recommend you to primarily optimize for.

Of course that it is also advisable to optimize for other giant engines such as Yahoo! and Bing plus local ones.


It is also important to present the wagering features and lines of your Pay per Head Bookie operation using UK currency. You have a choice here as you can either work with Euros or English Pounds.

If you make the mistake of presenting your lines and prices on dollars, you run the risk of losing the edge that you were getting with all of your optimization work.

Organic versus Paid Results

A few recent studies and surveys have proven that UK browsers then to rely more on organic results than in paid ones.

This means that spending a lot of money on paid ads or PPC (pay per click) results is really not worth it if you are targeting the British market.

Instead, try to focus on doing the best work that you can related to SEO (search engine optimization) in order to appear at the top of the SERPs when someone from the United Kingdom is looking for an online Pay per Head Bookie solution.


Although American Football is the biggest sport in the United States, soccer is actually king in the UK, which means that you need to focus on offering your sports betting Pay per Head Bookie Services to players whom are fond of the latter sport.

In fact, most people from the United Kingdom wagers primarily on soccer and other European sports such as Rugby, tennis and horse racing.

This means that the lines that you offer to your American clientele should be different than the ones that you offer to UK players.

For this reason, try to avoid focusing your efforts on the predominant American leagues such as the NFL, NBA and the NHL. Of course you can make an exception to this rule when big events such as the NBA playoffs or the Super Bowl are active in order to amass some extra profits for your Pay per Head Bookie business.

Local Agents

If it’s possible, we truly recommend you to have a physical contact that can work along with you in the UK.

Although you can do businesses with people from the United Kingdom after a sense of mutual trust has been created, this can limit the potential of your Pay per Head Bookie business.

On the other hand, when you work with a local agent, you really don’t have to wait until such trustfulness has been established as you can rely on your UK partner in order to help you do both collections and payments.