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Pay per Head: Opting for a Bookie Career

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If you are the entrepreneurial type, then you might be interested in starting a career as a bookie Pay per head professional.

In this article, we are going to provide you with some useful pointers that can help you decide if this is a step that you want to take.


Pay per Head: Why a Bookie Career


There are many reasons why a person should feel inclined to opt for a bookie career backed by Pay per head services, but the main one is freedom.

When you become an agent, you are your own boss, which means that you can work at your own pace.

You also get to spend more time doing the things that you like such as traveling or spending time with the family, and this priceless factor alone is a big enough reason to take a chance and start a bookie business.

Working as a Pay per head bookie means that you really don’t have anybody to respond to but to your clients. Indeed, your players are the only ones that have the right to tell you what changes could be beneficial for your bookmaking business.

That is really a positive thing because when you get some feedback from the people that you are offering a service to, it means that you have first-hand information that can be used to improve things around in order to appear as an even more attractive option for prospective customers.

Another top reason is that you get to keep most of your profits, which can be considerably good if you are willing to put some effort on getting new clients on a regular basis.

You can do this by yourself, or if you want to enjoy more free time, you can also opt for working with some sub-agents, whom can be in charge of expanding your business and run errands such as collections and payments.

The more players on your bookmaking portfolio, the better the money you will make. The good thing is that since you’ll be working with Pay per head, it really doesn’t matter how many clients you have as the pph shop is going to serve them all on an equal basis.

PPH Solutions

Long gone are the days when bookies were forced to process information manually using hand written tickets.

This is because most agents now work alongside Pay per head companies, whom provide a data processing solution that is simply obligatory in order to have the edge to compete against other agents out there.

Here are the main advantages of working with a PPH shop:

Call center: When dealing with a PPH establishment, you won’t ever have to process a wager over the phone yourself again because the Pay per head company is going to take care of this time-consuming task for you.

Internet Betting and Mobile: Players can also make their own wagers online, which is a great feature that puts bookies side to side with post up web sportsbooks.

Not only are players able to bet over the internet, but they can also do it directly from their mobile phones.

Casino: Working with a Pay per head company also allows agents to offers their clients attractive and well known casino games.

This is actually a great feature because it allows bookies to continue to make money even when their sports betting or racebook activity is low.

Bookie Software: PPH shops also offer agents custom software that is used to monitor the day to day activity of the overall betting operation.

Bookies can basically let the Pay per head establishment run things for them and then check all the current and past activity using such sophisticated and necessary software solutions.