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Pay Per Head Bookie Site: Preparing your Business For Marketing

Online Marketing Key Can Be Blogs Websites Social Media And Emai

Here are some useful tips when it comes to preparing your business for marketing using your Pay per Head Bookie website.

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Be Clear

You need to make sure that your Pay per Head Bookie site clearly tells visitors about the real value you offer to prospective clients and the way in which you offer it.

Remember that your goal is to sign up players for your sports betting business, so keep that in mind when you write the content for your site.


Headlines are crucial when it comes to getting the attention of visitors because that is the first thing they see when they arrive to your Pay per Head Services site.

For this reason, you must try to make your headlines as attractive and informative as possible. They should state what your website is all about in a few words, so try to be very precise and direct.

Having Enough Content before Launching

Before you launch your Bookie Services website, you must create at least ten posts so when your first visitors arrive, they will already find some interesting content, which can help you to get people on-site for longer periods of time, which is quite favorable when it comes to obtaining the conversions that you need.

Offer a Gift to Get Emails

A lot of people don’t provide you with their real email address if they don’t see that they can get something of value in exchange for such information.

On the other hand, when they see that they can get something like a free e-book, they might be inclined to give you their real email just out of curiosity concerning what your e-book is all about.

You can also, for example, use your betting expertise to create a series of helpful articles related to wagering, and you can offer those as part of a series that is destined only for those included in your mailing list.

If you are not camera shy, then instead of articles, you can create your own video series! Just try to be creative.


A great way to marketing your Price per Head Bookie business on your site is to have some positive testimonials.

When prospective clients see good comments about your sports betting operation, they will certainly feel more comfortable about becoming part of your wagering portfolio.

Multi-Content Marketing

When you create a Pay per Head Bookie website, don’t limit yourself to marketing your business only to landing pages, instead, you can also make use of:

  • A web log
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • Podcasting
  • A Mailing List

Building a Web Log

Creating a web log can truly do wonders for your Pay per Head Bookie website as it will make it possible for you to add quality content on a regular basis, and this is great when it comes to improving your search engine optimization or SEO.

Your Own Mailing List

Although you might not be able to sign most of the people that visit your Pay per Head Bookie site right away, you can actually get them hooked to your updates using a mailing list.

There are sites that can give you a hand with your mailing list, and out of the top ones we recommend you MailChimp, AweberiContact, Get Response and Constant Contact.

When people check out their inboxes and sees regular emails from you related to fresh content, it is likely that many of them will follow the links to your site and will become regular visitors, and this can get you a step closer to get conversions.