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Improve your Bookie Website Rankings by Using Video

Modern streaming technology and advanced web speeds has turned video into a popular tool that can allow you to increase the PageRank of bookie website and offer your pay per head services at great prices to the online gambling community. Here are a few tips that can help.

Keywords in Metadata

In order to get higher rankings for your bookie website, you can start by adding keywords in the metadata of any video that you create. Such keyword terms can be added in the HTML area of your video file.

For this strategy to work in your favor, you need to make sure that such text is very descriptive, meaning that it really has to tell the Google spiders what your video is all about.

Keywords in Filename

It is also recommended that you keep your keyword terms for the filename as specific as possible as this will make it more relevant for search engines, which can also favor the rankings of your bookie website.

Using YouTube to Host your Videos

Although there are other top video sites out there such as Vimeo and DailyMotion, if you really want your videos to help you get a better PageRank for your bookie website, you need to focus your work on YouTube, as this is a site that is owned by Google. This means that any video that you upload to YouTube is certainly going to be indexed in a faster way by the bots.

Of course that it will really not hurt you to also upload your vids to the other aforementioned video-hosting sites as this can give you an extra edge over webmasters whom are just uploading their material to YouTube.

Linking to your Site from your Videos

When you add a link from your vids to your bookie website, you can potentially help your site to get more traffic and also better rankings.

This of course is directly related to how popular your videos become and although there is really not a true strategy to make your vids as popular as you might like (because this is circumstantial to what people is digging at the moment), you can try to create videos that are  of interest to your intended audience in order to get high-quality traffic.

For this reason, we recommend you to create vids related to gambling and to also offer your own betting advice on either daily or weekly videos.

External Links in Annotations

A while back YouTube added another great functionality to their videos: they now allow you to add clickable annotations. These are the text boxes that you see popping up at different segments of time during a video. This is great because it allows you to add links to your bookie website.

You can play with annotations and add links whenever you think is convenient. For example, if you are creating a video that talks about different wagering types and you have a section on your site related to straight bets, you can add an annotation during the segment of the vid that refers to that specific betting type. This will make it possible for a viewer to click on that annotation and visit such section of your site.

Optimize your YouTube Channel

Besides your actual videos, you can also add a link to your bookie website on your own YouTube channel, and doing this is highly recommended because when someone likes one of your vids, they are likely to either visit your channel, or subscribe to it (even better) and more importantly, they can visit your site by clicking on the URL that you added.

Tip: In order to make your YouTube channel as appealing as possible to new visitors, add a nice header, real information about the videos that you are offering and also a good description of your site.