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How To Start A Bookie Business: A Simple and Useful Guide

How To Start A Bookie Business: A Simple and Useful Guide

How To Start A Bookie Business: A Simple and Useful Guide


Learning How To Start A Bookie Business definitely involves getting familiarized with pay per head offshore services.


How To Start A Bookie Business: The Steps

Here are the steps related to How To Start A Bookie Business:

  • Learn as much as possible
  • Get the cash you need
  • Find the right pay per head shop
  • Promote your business


Learn as much as possible

In order to become a bookmaking agent, it’s necessary to have some knowledge on sports and wagering.

In fact, the more you know, the better decisions you’ll be able to take to improve your profits.



You can start by studying all the players from all the teams from the top American leagues.

This is because most of the sports betting activity related to your wagering operation is going to be focused on those leagues.

With that said, it’s also important to learn as much as possible as you can on players and teams from international leagues from different sports.

And you want to do this because American leagues are not always active; so you want to offer many wagering options, and the extra knowledge you acquire can definitely make the difference.



Learning How To Start A Bookie Business also involves acquiring knowledge on wagering types.

Understanding the different sports betting types allows you to explain them to your own clients.

This is important, because it’s likely that the bulk of your clientele are going to be amateur bettors.

And that being the case, you may want to explain the different wagering types to new clients; so they can become more interested and involved, and of course, wager more.



Apart from learning about sports and betting types, you can also learn some business basics.

You don’t have to study as if you were in the process of acquiring an MBA.

Instead, just go online and acquire some good business books for newbies; and then go from there.

When it comes to learning, you can choose to stick with the basics; or you can become a regular learner, with the goal of always having the edge over your competitors.


Get the cash you need

Once you have acquired the knowledge you need; the next step when learning How To Start A Bookie Business is to get the cash you’ll need.


Your own cash

If you have the cash you need in your bank account, then using your personal funds is the best option.

This is because once you are in business, all the profits you’ll get, you’ll also be able to keep them.

And, by using your own funds, you really don’t have nobody to answer to; so you are also your own boss.


Family and friends

Another option is to ask for the cash you need to someone you know.

This can be either a family member or a friend.

Now, when requesting funds from someone close to you; make sure you will be able to pay back the cash you were given.

And the reason for that is because you want to avoid any conflicts that can end up deteriorating the relationship long-term.



Working with investors is also an important aspect to pay attention to when learning How To Start A Bookie Business.

An investor is someone that can give you the much needed money to start you sports betting and gaming operation.

However, an investor is someone that may not only want a return on his investment; but also a probable partnership.

So, if you’re planning to work with an investor, make sure you are Ok with others taking decisions over your business.

This is because an investor may want to become your partner; and that status gives him the right to give his opinion and decide over different matters.


Find the right pay per head shop

Learning How To Start A Bookie Business also involves finding the right pay per head shop that can provide you with the best offshore services.

Now, when searching for the right PPH Shop, there are a few things you need to look for:

  • Best value for cash
  • Great sportsbook software and services for players


Best value for cash

As a bookmaking entrepreneur, you want to get the best value for your cash. And this includes the services you receive from a pay per head shop.

You don’t want to deal with a very cheap PPH Shop because chances are that they won’t provide you with the kind of services that can really make the difference for your operation.

Another thing you want to avoid at all costs is to overpay. Sure, paying the most expensive price is a sign that the services from such PPH Shop are good.

But, why overpaying for the kind of good services that you can also get from a more affordable company?

Think about this when searching for the best pay per head shop.


Great sportsbook software and services for players

You also want to get the best possible sportsbook software.

This is the bookie software that you can use to run your wagering and gambling operation from any place; using your preferred mobile device.

Since this is a tool that you’re going to be using on a regular basis, it should definitely be fast and 100% accurate.

Now, a PPH Shop provides services not only for the bookmaking agent, but also for his players.

The pay per head shop allows the clients of the top bookmaker to place bets online or through an offshore call center.

So, it’s also important to verify that such solutions are of the highest quality in order to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients.


Promote your business

Once everything is in place, including the necessary knowledge, the funds and the right pay per head shop; then it’s time to start promoting the business.

This is something you can do all on your own. Or you can also opt for hiring sub-agents so they can get clients for your operation; and also run other aspects of the business for you, such as paying clients and doing collections.


Doubtlessly, taking into consideration all the above information is going to help you get the best results when learning How To Start A Bookie Business.