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How to Become a Pay per Head Bookie

How to Become a Pay per Head Bookie

How to Become a Pay per Head Bookie


If you want to know how to become a Pay per Head Bookie; this is definitely the kind of information that may be of interest to you.


How to Become a Pay per Head Bookie: Step by Step


Step 1: Getting the Seed Money

Step 2: Find a Price per Head Shop

Step 3: Starting the Business


Getting The Seed Money

This is the first step in your quest for knowledge on how to become a Pay per Head Bookie.

If you have the seed money, then this is the best option. You don’t owe money to anybody, and all the profits are yours.

Now, if you need external capital to start your bookmaking business, try to get the least possible. Just what you need, nothing more.

In fact, just ask for the backup money you’ll need to pay possible winners during your first two weeks. And, this figure can definitely vary depending on the size of your sports betting and gaming operation.

This is because you may be tempted to ask for extra cash to start living the kind of lifestyle you want to experience in advance.

Try, at all costs, avoid doing this. And you want to avoid it because you don’t want to owe more than its necessary to external sources, such as angel investors.

Now, consider this: you’re a sportsbook software entrepreneur. So, as such, you’re in the pay per head service business.

This means that you don’t need expensive infrastructure since you get all you need from the price per head shop you’re working with.


Working with a Partner

It is also possible that you may want to work with a partner. And, if that’s the case, there’s a few considerations to take into account.

The main one is that if you’re working with a 50-50 partner; your pay per head services bookie company is not going to be just yours anymore.

This means that you’ll need to listen to the opinion of the other individual involved in order to arrive to a final decision on a given matter.

It may also be the case that you’re in a position where your partner is the one putting most, if not all the money.

In such case, you probably will need to get used to the idea that your partner is in a more advantageous position than yours; meaning that the source of the cash is protecting the latter, and may want to have a more energetic participation in your wagering and gambling organization.


Step 2: Find a Price per Head Shop

Congratulations! If you’re in step 2 on the process to learn how to become a Pay per Head Bookie; it means that you’ve acquired the funds that you needed.

The next step, or step 2, is to find the best price per head shop.

A PPH shop provides the bookie with all he may possibly need to run his business in an effortless way.

These are data management services that are delivered by individuals that have the experience that can guarantee the success of the wagering and gambling agent.

Such pay per head services include:


Bookie Software:

To learn how to become a Pay per Head Bookie includes learning how to run your bookmaking operation using sportsbook software.

This bookie software allows the top bookmaker to:

Manage Client Accounts at Will: This means that the sports betting and gaming agent has full control over the wagering and gambling data from his clients.

So, the bookmaking agent can close or open any given account for any particular reason. This is particularly important when the bookie notices unusual, unwanted wagering activity.

The sports betting agent is also able to raise or decrease betting limits. This is great because the bookie can just adjust the balance on a given account at any time; allowing him to offer extra credit to players easily, and promoting client loyalty at the same time.

Move Lines at Will: Using top-notch bookie software, the sports betting agent is also able to move the lines he’s presented with at will.

The lines provided by the price per head shop are great; and they are specially designed to give the top bookmaker an edge over his players. However, the bookie should have the options to move those lines from time to time. For a variety of different reasons, to always have the edge.


Calling Service:

Learning how to become a Pay per Head Bookie involves providing the best wagering solutions, including call center offshore services.

Although this is a standard service, it must be of the highest quality so the bookie can get the best pay per head reviews.

A good call center solution for bookies includes 24-7 wagering access for players. And, to be first-hand, it must be provided by a multilingual team of clerks.

This is because by having clerks whom speak either English, Chinese or Spanish; you can easily expand your wagering operation to include clients that speak such languages.


Online Betting:

This is the second most important service that is available for the top bookmaker when he signs up with a price per head shop.

And, to know about it, is also crucial when learning how to become a Pay per Head Bookie.

This is actually the service that the players of the bookmaking agent are going to use in a more regular basis.

And the reason is because of the combination of privacy and mobile wagering.

Just by accessing the website of the PPH shop from his mobile phone; a player is able to comfortably, and privately, place his bets.


Step 3: Starting the Business

The third step when it comes to learning how to become a Pay per Head Bookie is growing the bookmaking and wagering business!

This means that you’re ready to start getting clients.

And also to associate yourself with other sports betting agents so they can work as your sub-agents in other regions.

Bringing you the kind of regular new action you need to remain a top player in the industry.

Always remember that the more players you add to your wagering and gambling portfolio on a regular basis; the easier it will be for you to remain competitive.

Learn how to execute these 3 simple steps on how to become a Pay per Head bookie; and you can easily acquire success as a top bookmaking agent.