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Get a Better Ranking for your Bookie Site Using Verticals

Although to get into a vertical of a major search engine such as Google is not difficult and doesn’t require a big effort, to get your bookie website to rank high in order to have the opportunity of promoting your price per head services is a completely different story.

To have the chance of helping your bookie website to rank in a vertical, you have to put some good work as it is similar to ranking in a regular search engine. When it comes to optimizing pictures, news, RSS feeds and blogs, you need to tailor your actual listing in order to make certain attributes more specific.


Although images can be classified by topic, the text that surrounds them has to be fully accurate in order to tell the spiders what a certain image is all about. The bots will look at the name of the file, so, instead of naming a given image with a number such as 00001.jpg, you can call it betting.jpg for example.

It is also recommended to use Alt attribute text for every single pic on your bookie website as it is very descriptive helpful for people that are making use of screen readers or in the case of an image that cannot be displayed for some reason.

Depending on the browser utilized, such text becomes visible to the user when he or she mouseover an image. The bots are also able to read (and therefore index) Alt Attribute text, so it is really worth the effort to add a valuable, meaningful description of your images.

For example, the HTML of an image can look something like this:

img src=“betting.jpg” ALT=“Unbeatable Bookie Betting Prices”

Note: try to be as descriptive as possible with your Alt Attributes but keep them short and don’t stuff them with keywords because your site can get penalized for doing so.


To get articles from your bookie site on news verticals can be tricky because a giant such as Google takes in consideration two key factors: that the site that is providing the news posts is updated on a regular basis and that the articles are coming from different authors.

For this reason, it is good that you upload your news pieces using different aliases in order to tell the bots that you are doing things properly.

A great way to make your news visible for news searches is to utilize press releases. For example, let’s say that you are having a promotion related to the prices that you are currently offering on $5.00, 2-team parlays (something like pay one and play two). You can use services such as MarketWired and PRNewswire to submit your PR, and once that has been done, your press release becomes available for the different news agencies. If done correctly, this can have a great positive impact on your bookie site’s traffic.

Blogs and RSS

Web logs or blogs, as they are commonly known, are more popular than ever and for that reason they now count with their own verticals. This is also true for the widely used RSS feeds. The trick for a web log to rank well on a vertical search engine is to count with its own RSS feed.

If you are making use of a content management system such as Blogger or WordPress, you basically don’t have to do anything at all as these CMS sites will automatically create an RSS feed for your bookie website.

Besides having an RSS feed, it is also important that you have great content and do frequent updates as this is key when it comes to let the bots know that you site is quite relevant.