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From Financial Turmoil to Success

financial-turmoilDaniel was a guy that was in the middle of financial turmoil; his wife took almost everything after the divorce, and he was still deciding what to do with his life after he got fired from the job his father-in-law has given him. Needless to say, he was the prey of desperation.

One day when Dan was walking through the city, he found an old friend, Thomas, who seemed like a successful guy at the time, and since Dan remembered Tom as an average Joe, he was intrigued about the hows of his success. The two friends sat down for a couple of brews when Tom started telling Dan how he became wealthy in a matter of months.

Thomas said to Daniel that he had become a bookie a couple of years before, and he also told him that a major part of his growing success had to do with the fact that he was able to provide his clients with outstanding client attention services without spending a lot of cash in hiring personnel, infrastructure or communications systems.

At first this seemed like a scam to Dan, but as the story continued, Daniel got more and more interested, and so he also decided to study the possibility of becoming a bookie himself. Since Dan was an avid sports fan, he already knew all he had to know about teams, players and statistics, so he focused on studying wagering types and moving lines. After a month, Dan felt ready to start his career as a bookmaker, and so he contacted the price per head shop his friend Thomas had told him about, and in a matter of hours, Daniel was ready to start searching for customers.

3 months after spreading the word of mouth, Dan was in business and had 50 clients, and he was indeed quite satisfied, not only because he was making good cash, but because he finally understood how easy and effortless it was to come up with great earnings when partnering with a pph shop since the pay per head company was doing most of the work while all Dan had to do was to make sure that his clients were paying him on time.

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Andrew Thomas is a sports and gambling writer with years of experience in both fields. Andrew writes articles which are focused on the betting industry, hoping that they will be of help for those whom are looking to make a living out of the pay per head industry.

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