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Directory Submissions for your Bookie Website

If you are going to take the time to start your own bookie website in order to offer your pay per head services at great prices, then you must definitely consider submitting your site to well-known web directories. Indeed, directory submissions are a great way to get many extra one-way links to your site.

It’s Worth to Pay

There are some web directories that will charge you to get you listed, and although they will tell you that this is a one-time fee to pay for a professional editorial review for your bookie website, the reality is that you are actually paying for getting a one-way link to your site from one that currently holds a high PageRank.

Be Conservative

Although paying to get listed on web directories is effective, you really need to know how to use this SEO method or your bookie website might get penalized for using “paid links.” For this reason we recommend you that you limit the number of paid directories that you use in order to avoid conflicts with Google.

Types of Directories

When it comes to web directories, there are two kinds: A. the ones that are edited by people and B. the ones that are automated. Those that are actually edited by humans are the ones with the best PR because they process each submission request manually, which gives them the chance of discarding worthless links.

Of all the manual web directories out there, doubtless the most important one is (this site is so relevant, that even Google uses it for their own directory).

Automated directories are also important, but you should try to make use of only those with a high PR. There are many of these sites that work with a “link exchange” system, where they post a link to your site only if you post one back from your own bookie website, and this is another reason why directories with a high PR are so important.

Most Relevant Free Directories


As mentioned earlier, this is probably the most important web directory on the web, period. Since this is a site that runs thanks to the help of many non-paid collaborators, it might take some time to get your site listed, but it’s definitely worth the try.


Submitting your bookie website to Google is completely free, and although the giant search engine might find your bookie website in the future, it is good to let them know that you are there.


Yahoo allows free submissions for consideration from websites which are non-commercial. The commercial sites do pay an annual fee of $300 for getting listed.

Top Fee-Based Web Directories

There are hundreds of free directories on the web, but the ones that we really recommend are these:


This is one of the top sites that we personally use, and although you have to pay a one-time fee of either $49 for their premium package or $29 for the standard one, you can also submit your site for free, but it might take you up to six months to get listed.


This is another top directory, but since it is also run by volunteers, the free submission can take a long time, so, they offer an special deal: pay a one-time fee of $40 and they guarantee that they will review your site within the next five days.


Another spam-free site run by collaborators, you must pay a one-time submission fee of $70 in order to get reviewed quickly.

There are other significant options out there such as Aviva or Best of the Web, but they are even more expensive, so we recommend you to try as many free options as possible before you actually spend on paid directories.