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Commitment and Superior Pay Per Head Services


When it comes to offering superior pay per head services, our company is certainly the indicated one as we have been in business for more than 12 years and we know how the industry works inside and out.


Top Pay per Head Services = Excellent Reputation


We have also acquired an excellent reputation because we really take care of our clients by providing committed bookies with versatile solutions that makes it impossible for them to fail once they have signed up with our sportsbook software company.

We believe that a wagering business is just like any other out there, and if you want to be successful, you really need to apply yourself and try to be the best that you can be. When it comes to bookies, they know that to count with pay per head services is basically the only way to go due to the current harsh competition.

Committed Personnel

The people that works for our sports betting company knows that once they get hired, they are working for a company that functions under the most strict quality policies.

This means that we only give a job to people that we know that will be putting their heart into what they do. This certainly guarantees agents that when one of their clients communicates with our pay per head services call center, such person will be in the best of hands.

Professional Treatment

If you are a bookie that doesn’t count with high operational capital but who possesses a sense of responsibility and has a good work ethic, then you are certainly the kind of person that we want to do business with as we know that your professional relationship with us will be beneficial for both sides.

Private Number

Remember that players enjoy their privacy and they like to be as discreet as possible when it comes to place their bets, which is why many of them tend to play with online sportsbooks as they prefer to dial an untraceable number instead of being forced to dial their local bookie’s cell #.

When a bookmaker signs up with our pay per head services company, that inconvenient will likely become a problem of the past because we offer agents their own personal 800 numbers.

This allows their clients to dial at any time and without any cost in order to get their betting action, and instead of calling their bookie directly, they will be talking to a professional clerk at our offshore call center.

Try it for FREE

We understand that it might not be easy for bookies to trust their businesses to an overseas company, and this is why we offer a trial period that allows agents to test our pay per head services without even paying a cent.

We of course do this because we know that once bookies have given our solutions a try; they will find out that we really know how to solve problems.