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Choosing the Right Bookie Price Per Head Company


If a bookie wants to have a competitive advantage over other sports betting agents, to get pay per head services should be at the top of his list of priorities.


Pay  per Head: All a Bookie Needs


To count with the right model that can serve to establish a healthy relationship between the bookie and his clients can be costly, but this can be prevented as pph companies already possess the proper technology and strategies that makes the difference when it comes to attend to requests from customers in a prompt and professional way.



A top pay per head company will also provide a bookie with an efficient management system that can be accessed by the agent from any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a connection to the internet.

This not only makes of this service a more efficient one, but also more affordable in terms of what it can be obtained for just a small weekly fee.


Qualified Personnel

There is currently a high demand for clerks whom are knowledgeable enough to provide convenient and trustworthy phone solutions in native English.

Thankfully for pph establishments, the young population of individuals from countries such as Costa Rica have grown with English as their second language and many of them have created professional careers within the gambling industry.

And it is precisely that experience that makes them the right candidates to always help any bookie to reach his business objectives by enhancing the image of his bookmaking operation.


Pricing and Quality

The pricing of pay per head services really can vary depending on two things:

  1. What you get
  2. The quality of what you get

It is important for agents to know that even when they are finding great offers on the web sometimes what is advertised is not precisely what the bookie is going to receive.

And precisely because of this reason, it is quite important for bookmakers to ask for some free testing time as if the pph company is a legit one, they won’t hesitate to allow a committed bookie to try out their call center and internet solutions for a certain period of time before the agent starts paying.

This is a great sign that the bookmaker has chosen a top, qualified pph company, as the right combination of technology and human talent can certainly make the difference when it comes to fostering the prosperity of a bookie’s business by delivering the right solutions, at the right time, and for the right price under a 24-7 schedule.

If you are a bookmaker that wants to work with a company that is backed by core qualifications and years of experience, dial 1-877-774-0999 for more information.